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See the latest and most popular selection from the Lexus range. 

Introducing the All-New Lexus LM

The All-New Lexus LM also known as the Lexus Luxury Mover will be available with two powertrain options – a 2.5-litre intelligent hybrid arrangement for three-row versions, while the flagship four-seat grade will be offered with a powerful and efficient 2.4-litre turbocharged hybrid powertrain. 

The All-New LM aims to provide occupants with the same comfort found in a first-class airline suite, a sizeable 48-inch widescreen TV that can be used for business purposes, climate control, luxury lounge seating, audio, lighting and other parameters controlled though a detachable touch-type multi-operation controller.

There are only 8 being made in the UK, so be one of the first to pre-order yours at your nearest Inchcape dealership.


All-New LBX


Discover the new generation of Lexus. Meet the All-New LBX, a fun-to-drive car coming to our showrooms soon.

Key features of the All-New LBX include:

✔ Self-charging Lexus hybrid electric system featuring a compact and lightweight 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine
✔ Refreshing yet luxurious design
✔ Safety and multimedia technology
✔ The LBX’s authentic SUV quality includes the option of Lexus’ E-Four all-wheel drive
✔ Damping sheets have been introduced into the doors to suppress high frequency noise but enhance low frequency noise to give a distinct and pleasing sound
✔ An all-new compact SUV that promises a new market breakthrough for Lexus 
✔ Exterior design introduces a new Resolute Look frontal design 
✔ New, more powerful bi-polar nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery  
✔ Fully digital user interface for driver’s display and multimedia systems 
✔ Wide range of design executions and specifications to suit different customer preferences*
✔ Reservations now being taken
✔ Vehicle deliveries from March 2024  
Register your interest in the All-New LBX below today.

All-New All-Electric RZ

Developed under the ‘Lexus Driving Signature’ philosophy, All-New All-Electric RZ is the first dedicated Lexus Battery Electric Vehicle. It is designed and engineered to set a new benchmark in terms of premium driving experience, providing the driver with a carefully crafted and intimate connection with their vehicle, characterised by confidence, control and comfort.

Visit your nearest Lexus dealership to order your All-New All-Electric RZ today.


Introducing the All-New RX

The All-New RX remains a true icon on the road. New features include a coupé-like roofline with a signature black rear pillar. To the rear, the single-line LED Lexus signature light emboldens the car’s stance and road presence. New and exciting hues capitalise on the stylish appearance.

Clearly inheriting the prestigious All-New RX mantle, this completely new car exudes exudes dynamism, beauty and confidence.

Visit your nearest Lexus dealership to order your All-New RX today.