All-New Lexus LBX

Discover the All-New Lexus LBX - Pre-order now available

Lexus LBX

All-New LBX

Discover the new generation of Lexus. Meet the All-New Lexus LBX, a fun-to-drive car coming to our showrooms very soon.

We are able to offer you a choice of grades that suit your style. To pre-order your chosen Lexus LBX, a £500 refundable deposit will be needed.  Once your pre-order has been confirmed we will keep you up to date on your reservation progress.

Key features of the All-New Lexus LBX include:

✔ Self-charging Lexus hybrid electric system featuring a compact and lightweight 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine
✔ Refreshing yet luxurious design
✔ Safety and multimedia technology
✔ The LBX’s authentic SUV quality includes the option of Lexus’ E-Four all-wheel drive
✔ Damping sheets have been introduced into the doors to suppress high frequency noise but enhance low frequency noise to give a distinct and pleasing sound

Pre-order the All-New Lexus LBX below today.