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Lexus Electric Cars and Plug-in Hybrid Cars

New All-Electric Lexus RZ

The Lexus NX is available as Self-Charging and Plug-In Hybrid which include distinctive new features and a sleek one-piece rear light that spans the width of the vehicle. The Lexus logo has been replaced with the “LEXUS” name emblazoned on the tailgate, creating a simple and more modern look. The door handle lights up to greet you as you approach your car. Once inside, multi-colour ambient lighting allows you to transform the cabin with a palette of 64 atmospheric hues. Now with more convenience that is provided by the remote functions using the Lexus Link app, with pre-heating or cooling of the cabin before starting a journey and door locking and unlocking. Available on selected model grades only.

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All Electric Benefits

All cars come equipped with advanced Lexus Safety System + which is designed to give you greater control due to a better balance from the optimal placement of items such as batteries and electric motors. All Lexus electrics are carefully designed to be isolated and to be disabled in an accident. Steer-by-wire technology removes the need for a mechanical link, providing you with an unfettered steering sensation and truly responsive touch.

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Early morning starts and late night adventures can be had without waking the neighbourhood. The electric drivetrain carries out its impressive work with barely a whisper inside the sound-proofed cabin.

For the driver, it‘s a uniquely calming experience, with just the low hum of rubber on asphalt to indicate the powerful forces at play. The future sounds serene.

The rate of charge depends primarily on the power of the unit.

DC (Direct Current) Rapid Charger can charge an All-Electric Lexus UX from 0-80% in as little as 52 minutes*.

AC (Alternating Current) Charger can fully recharge (0-100%) an All-Electric Lexus UX overnight in around 8 hours and 15 minutes^.

The All-Electric Lexus UX can be recharged using industry standard AC charging (Type 2 or Mennekes connection) and DC Rapid Charging cables (CHAdeMO type).

*Indicative charge figure, based on 50KW DC rapid charger being used. Actual charging times may vary depending on various factors, including the age, type, condition and temperature of the charging unit and the battery, the starting charge and environmental conditions at the point of use. Charge times may be longer if battery temperature activates safeguarding technology.

^Estimated charging time 0 - 100% battery AC (Alternating Current) based on 6.6KW home wallbox. To fully recharge the UX 300e you will need 53.4 kW. Actual charging times may vary depending on various factors, including the age, type, condition and temperature of the charging unit and the battery, the starting charge and environmental conditions at the point of use. Charge times may be longer if battery temperature activates safeguarding technology.


15 years of pioneering research has resulted in electric vehicles that do not emit any CO₂, NOx or other pollutants at the tailpipe. The total emissions of the vehicle will depend on how the electricity used to charge the car is generated. When your battery reaches the end of its lifespan, we have a take-back scheme to ensure it’s recycled safely and responsibly.

Self-Charging Benefits

Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid cars have a petrol engine and an electric motor. They drive just like a conventional automatic car. The technology in the car seamlessly selects the best power source on your behalf (petrol or electric mode) based on your driving. Self-Charging Hybrid technology helps bring you improved fuel efficiency and zero emissions when on electric power.

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Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid cars are covered by a 3 year or 60,000 miles manufacturer warranty as standard. As part of your annual service, Lexus offer a complimentary annual Lexus hybrid health check to keep your car running at its peak. The free health check extends your battery warranty for a further year or 10,000 miles (whichever is the sooner) up to the 15th anniversary of the first registration date.

Lexus models are powerful and efficient, especially when you start in the EV (Electric Vehicle) mode and allow your Lexus to switch to petrol when the need arises. When you accelerate hard, the power of the electric motors instantaneously supplements the petrol engine. Together they deliver a potent surge of torque and rapid forward movement precisely when you need it. The Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid range includes a variety of engine sizes to suit your specific needs and driving style. With no need for a manual transmission system all of our hybrids are automatic cars with a choice of power modes to achieve maximum performance depending on driving conditions.

In a Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid, energy is cleverly conserved.

Most of the time you’re driving, your battery is charging. Not just on the move, but when you stop or slow down, our regenerative braking system recovers even more energy without you having to do a thing. Lexus hybrid cars never need plugging in.


Connect To The Future

Created to complement our unique ‘Omotenashi’ service experience, Lexus Link is easy and intuitive to use, this new app provides access to bespoke connected services, which are available on some of the Lexus models.

Getting started is easy, sign up to My Lexus on the Lexus website, download the app and you are ready to go.

Connect to the future with the Lexus Link mobile app, giving you seamless access to a range of services that save time, money and stress.