Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

At Inchcape, we know that our employees are our most valuable asset and we believe that creating a diverse and gender balanced workforce will enable our people to maximise every opportunity to deliver great results for all of our stakeholders. To do this, it is vital that our employees are rewarded fairly for the role they play in the business regardless of their gender.

Our mean (average) gender pay gap is 6.3% and our median (middle) gender pay gap is 4.7%. Whilst this is less than the current national median average of 18.1%, we will continue to review our reward offering to ensure we become an increasingly inclusive and gender diverse business.

Gender Pay and Bonus Gap

Difference Between Men
and women
 Gender Pay Gap  6.3% 4.7%
 Gender Bonus Gap  57% 72%

Proportion of employees receiving a bonus

Inchcape Retail

Currently roles which provide a bonus are mainly populated by males and those which do not provide bonuses are mainly populated by females, creating the wider gap in bonuses. This is common in the automotive sector where commissions are paid (which are included in the definition of bonus). Most sales advisers and workshop technicians (both commission-based roles) are male and most support staff (non-commission-based roles) are female and this structure is typical in the automotive sector.


The data shows that our Gender Pay Gap is not a pay issue but down to the types or roles populated by males and females and the structure of the related reward offering.

Pay Band Quartiles

Inchcape Retail

What we are doing to make a difference

We have a commitment to become an increasingly gender diverse business and our planned initiatives for revised role definition and reward offering will help the business attract candidates from other sectors.

We will also:

− Actively engage with key forums, the wider community and education bodies to promote and encourage more females into the automotive profession
− Examine labour flows and female progression within the business
− Review the Diversity and Inclusion culture across the business and identify potential opportunities and obstacles

Chief Executive Officer, Inchcape UK

Human Resources Director, Inchcape UK

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