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Be safe and save by checking your tyres this summer

Checking your tyres can keep you safe but also help you save money, At Inchcape we're here to help.

At Inchcape we are here to help you understand what makes your tyres Illegal and how we can support you so this doesn't happen to you. Inchcape are here to help drivers to get into the routine of checking their tyres regularly by offering helpful advice and also a free check over at your nearest dealership to you.

Driving with inadequate tyres can not only be extremely dangerous but could also potentially result in fines of up to £2,500 per tyre, three penalty points on your license and invalidated car insurance. Therefore, it’s crucial that your tyres are roadworthy and that you conduct regular tyre safety checks.

Below are the main casues of illegal tyres.

✔ Low tread depth (Legal limit 1.6mm)
✔ Damage to your sidewall
✔ Under or over inflated tyres
✔ Tyres that are not suitable for you vehicle 

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If your tyres don’t stop you, what will?

Don’t ignore your tyres, check:
Air pressure: Use an accurate tyre pressure gauge to check tyres’ air pressure is at the recommended settings. Check the vehicles owner’s handbook or fuel filler cap
Condition: Lumps or bulges in a tyre may indicate internal damage and increase the risk of a catastrophic failure. If these, or cuts and cracks, are found while checking a tyre, the tyre may need replacing and professional advice should be sought.
Tread depth: Tread depth should be checked with an accurate gauge to ensure it is above the minimum legal limit of 1.6mm. If you don’t have an accurate tread depth gauge, a 20p can be used as a guide to how close your tread is to the limit if you don’t have a tread depth gauge available

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If your tyres don’t stop you, what will?

The tyres on a car are the only part touching the road surface. It is through the tyres you accelerate, grip, turn, slow the car down and in an emergency bring the car to a complete stop. 

Yet there have been 4,596 causalities from tyre-related incidents in the last five years, so checking your tyres safety is extremely important. In addition to ensuring your car is safe, checking your tyres can also save you money as there are 2.2 million MOT failures every every year due to faulty tyres.

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Free Inchcape Tyre Check

Having your tyres in good condition is essential when you’re out on the road. For safety, fuel efficiency purposes, and to comply with legislation, your tyres need to be inflated to the right pressure, and you must ensure the tread depth does not fall below the legal limit of 1.6 millimetres.

Tyre checks should be carried out regularly, and at Inchcape, we’re here to help you with all of your tyre requirements.

With our FREE tyre check service, we make it easy for you to maintain your vehicle’s wheels and stay safe on the road. During every Inchcape tyre check, our factory trained technicians will assess:

✔  Pressure
✔  Wearing
✔  Tread Depth
✔  Suitability

All Season Tyres

Safety in all weathers

All season tyres, also known as all-weather tyres, are designed for use in countries with moderate weather patterns all year round. Countries like the UK where winters are less severe and are characteristically more cold and wet with a low likelihood of snow are ideally suited for all season tyres.

Key features of all season tyres include the following: 

✔ Safety in dry conditions 
✔ Safety in wet conditions
✔ Safety in winter conditions 

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Here are some of the advantages of switching to all season tyres at Inchcape:

✔ Avoid the hassle and cost of changing between Summer tyres and Winter tyres - Purchasing two sets of tyres for summer and winter can be costly, especially when you factor in fitting costs. All season tyres remove the hassle of owning and storing multiple sets of tyres and can be used all year round.

✔ Better Winter performance than a Summer tyre - Thanks to a unique compound and tread pattern, all weather tyres provide better grip than summer tyres in cold wintery conditions. Many all season tyres are designated as winter-suitable and feature the 3-Peak mountain snowflake symbol on the tyre sidewall. This means the tyre has been approved for use in winter conditions and can be used in European countries where it is a legal requirement to fit winter tyres during certain months of the year.

✔ Better Summer performance than a Winter tyre - All weather tyres have a specially designed tread block which means they will work better and provide improved handling on dry, warm roads when compared to a winter tyre.

✔ Ideal for the UK - Severe ice and snow is uncommon in many parts of the UK when compared to some central European countries. This makes all season tyres ideal as they are designed to cope with the milder weather in Britain while still providing great wet traction for when it inevitably rains.

Reading A Tyre

Numerous letters, numbers and symbols are shown on the sidewall of every tyre. Amongst other information, this labelling indicates whether the tyre is a winter tyre. For this, the tyre must bear the 3PMSF symbol, commonly also referred to as the snowflake symbol. The tyre size, the tyre type, the maximum permissible speed and the maximum load rating are also displayed on the outer sidewall of the tyre. The star marking indicates the outstanding quality of the tyre. It guarantees that the tyre has been specifically developed for your car model.

Every millimetre counts.

What tread depth should a tyre have? In most European countries, a depth of at least 1.6 mm is required by law. However, for safety reasons and to maintain full performance, Inchcape recommends a minimum tread depth of 3 mm for summer and 4 mm for winter tyres.

Winter never begins on a particular date.

Taking a look at the calendar won’t tell you when to switch to winter tyres for your car. Look at the thermometer instead: from temperatures below +7° C winter tyres offer significant benefits and increased safety compared to summer tyres.

We have Audi tyres, BMW tyres, MINI tyres, Jaguar tyres, Porsche tyres, smart tyres, Land Rover tyres, Toyota tyres, Lexus tyres, Volkswagen tyres, Mercedes tyres all available to order online today.
BMW Outside Tempeture Check

Tyre Types

Here at Inchcape, we have an extensive tyre range. Based on your requirements, we can offer:

Standard Tyres

A Standard car tyre (referred to as a summer tyre) is what your car manufacturer calls the Original Equipment tyre, so it is the 1st tyre fitted when your car was brand new. All city and passenger cars will have this type of tyre fitted as the Original 1st tyre. All tyre manufacturers make the same Original Equipment car tyre as the standard car tyre for you to purchase when replacing your original car tyres.

All-Season Tyres

This tyre has some of the capabilities of a summer tyre combined with some of the tread design aspects of a winter tyre; this offers the driver a broader use of a car in good and bad weather conditions.

An SUV or 4X4 vehicle can often be fitted with all season tyres from new, this is because these tyres offer better grip in off road conditions, especially on grass, than a standard summer tyre.

Winter Tyres

A winter tyre has a completely different tread design to a summer tyre. The tread is designed to allow the tyre to drive in snow and ice conditions on a tar road. Winter tyres are recommended by all car manufacturers for use in winter conditions where the temperate is less than 7 degree daily.

Self-Seal Tyres

A self-seal tyre, fitted only by Volkswagen, is a tyre that has a sealant within the tread design; so that if the tyre is punctured, the sealant within the tyre seals the puncture so you can continue driving. Made only by Continental and Pirelli tyre companies for VW, you can identify the self-seal tyre as it will say Conti-seal or Pirelli-seal on the sidewall of the tyre.

Run Flat Tyres

A run flat tyre is a specially designed tyre that allows the driver to continue driving when you get a puncture, so you don’t have to stop to change the wheel. You can drive on any run flat tyre for 50 miles at 50mph before you get the tyre replaced.

How do you recognise BMW and MINI Run Flat Tyres?

When changing your BMW or MINI tyres, look on the sidewall for a “badge” that says “EMT” this stands for extended mobility tyre. This means you can drive on this tyre with a puncture for 50 miles at 50 miles an hour.

How do you recognise Mercedes-Benz Run Flat Tyres?

When changing your Mercedes tyres, look for the marking on the sidewall for “MO” or “MOE”. If your tyre has “MO” on the sidewall then the tyre is a normal summer tyre. If your tyre has “MOE” on the sidewall then the tyre is a run flat tyre, as the “E” of “MOE” means extended mobility.

Why choose Inchcape for tyres?

✔  We hold 20,000 tyres in stock across Inchcape UK
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✔  We have the latest tyre fitting equipment and technology
✔  We have Manufacturer Approved Original tyres in stock for all our brand partners
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*Up to Legal Tyre Limit. Repair carried out to British Safety Standards.