Car Accident Aftercare

Complimentary 24/7 service available for all customers

Complimentary 24/7 service available for all customers

Why choose an Inchcape Accident Repair Centre?

What to do in the unfortunate event of an accident?

Stop the car - turn off the engine and switch the hazard lights on

Check for injuries - if anyone is hurt call 999. If there are NO INJURIES to yourself or other persons, make a note of it

Exchange details
- make, model, colour and number plate of the vehicles involved or take pictures of them. The driver's name, address, phone number & insurance details

Record further details - time & date of crash. The driving conditions, including the weather, lighting and road quality. Where possible take pictures of the scene, positions of the cars involved and damage to the cars 

Ask for witness details - if necessary obtain the name, address and telephone number of any witnesses on the scene

Unfortunately, accidents can happen. If you are involved in an accident, you have the legal right to choose who repairs your vehicle. As a valued customer of Inchcape, you automatically benefit from our complimentary Inchcape Accident Aftercare service.

Our Accident Aftercare service guarantees:

✔ Vehicle will be returned to the pre accident condition
✔ Vehicle will be repaired according to your manufacturer standards
✔ Always use Genuine Manufacturer Parts and paints
✔ Only entrust manufacturer approved technicians to carry out the work
✔ The vehicles Euro NCAP safety ratings will be restored

If you're not at fault for the accident, we may be able to provide additional benefits:

✔ A comparable replacement vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired
✔ Recovery of your vehicle if it is legally un-drivable following an accident
✔ Management of your repair and dealing with the various parties in your claim
✔ Assisting you with recovery of “uninsured” losses and any personal injury claim
✔ Regular updates on your claim through our online claims portal
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