Vehicle Health Check

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Keeping your vehicle safe, legally compliant and running at optimum performance is essential

What's Included in a Vehicle Health Check?

Our expertly trained technicians will carry out a 33-point check of items that are currently part of the MOT test. These items include:

✔ Brakes
✔ Exhaust
✔ Fluid Levels
✔ Lights
✔ Suspension
✔ Tyres

We also offer a Video Vehicle Health Check where you, the customer, can virtually enter our workshop and watch your inspection being carried out.

You’ll be able to see what our technicians see whilst your car is on the ramp, and they’ll show you the current condition of the various components. In addition, our technicians will be able to highlight to you any work that may be required.

Once the Vehicle Health Check is complete, your technician will provide you with a report of all the areas that have been checked, and give them a status based on a traffic light system:

Red - Due to safety reasons, a repair needs to be completed urgently. (e.g. dangerously worn brakes)

Amber – This component will require work in the near future. (e.g. tyres 80% worn)

– Everything is in full working order. No action is needed.

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Yes. Due to availability, we do require you to book your Vehicle Health Check in advance. To do so, please book a car service or MOT at your nearest Inchcape MOT & Service Centre.

We ask that you allocate 30 minutes for us to complete your Vehicle Health Check.

Your technician will explain what the issue is, and recommend next steps. We would suggest that you do not drive your vehicle if you get a Red result as it means we deem it unsafe.

No, not at all. We will advise you on any repairs we think should be carried out in the interests of safety and reliability, but none of the work is mandatory.