Is your Discovery winter-ready?

Book a Winter Health Check at your nearest Land Rover Centre

Get ahead of the winter weather

Winter weather is unpredictable at the best of times. Gusting rain one day, frost and ice the next. 

One thing you can predict though, is that a Winter Health Check will give you the best chance of optimising your car’s performance and ensuring it is fully equipped to face the colder months ahead.

At Land Rover, our team of Land Rover-trained Technicians will inspect your vehicle's critical components and top-up essential fluids such as screenwash, engine oil and antifreeze, all for £99.00.*

Every corner of your Discovery will undergo a thorough examination, and we will compile a comprehensive health report while your vehicle is raised on a workshop ramp. Your Winter Health Check will include:

•    Electronic Vehicle Health Check
•    Screenwash top-up*
•    Antifreeze top-up*
•    Engine Oil top-up*
•    Brake Fluid top-up*
•    Engine Oil top-up*
•    Clutch Fluid top-up*
•    Power steering fluid top-up*
•    Wash and vacuum
•    InControl renewal check
•    Software and recall update check^

Our team will also be available to discuss any concerns and answer any questions you may have about your Discovery. 

Book your appointment for a Winter-Ready check at your nearest Land Rover Centre using the form below


*Top-up up to ½ a litre, and excludes AdBlue. 

^Land Rover mandated updates only. Software update is only applicable to outstanding recalls and service actions and excludes satellite navigation mapping