The Complete Guide To The Mercedes-Benz EQB

A guide to the all-electric, advanced and practical EQB

Everything you need to know about the Mercedes-Benz EQB

Welcome to our 'Complete Guide' series in which Chris from the Digital Team discovers everything you need to know about owning one of our featured cars.

This week Chris tests the Mercedes-Benz EQB. Find out more with our Inchcape guide to the EQB and why it might be the perfect electric family car.

Introducing The Mercedes-Benz EQB

The Mercedes-Benz EQB offers all of the style and practicality of the GLB with the latest electric drivetrain technology from the Mercedes-EQ family. It offers seven seat practicality, off-road capability and over 250 miles range, which could make the EQB the perfect electric family car. 

Outside the EQB combines the GLB's muscular SUV styling with EQ touches such as the front and rear LED light bars, EQ grille and aerodynamic wheels. Inside the EQB is similar to the GLB and features eye catching elegance, technology and luxury. Every element of the EQB leaves a lasting impression. 

The EQB has a 66.5kWh battery with dual motors providing all-wheel drive. There are two power outputs to choose from; the EQB 300 with 228hp which can accelerate from 0-62mph in 8 seconds and the EQB 350 with 292hp which can accelerate from 0-62mph in just 6.2 seconds. 

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Living With An EQB

The Mercedes-Benz EQB is based on the GLB which means it has very similar styling influenced by the larger G-Wagon. It features a high roofline and a muscular and sculptured design. There are some changes from the GLB however, such as the gloss black EQ grille, front and rear LED light bars, stylish alloy wheels and rear diffuser. As soon as you see the EQB its clearly identifiable as a Mercedes-Benz. 

The EQB comes as standard in AMG Line trim which adds extra sporty touches such as AMG alloy wheels, AMG front and rear bumpers and further AMG touches inside. 

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Like the exterior, the interior of the EQB is based on the GLB with EQ touches such as blue lighting and stitching and EQB specific interior trims. Our car had the black open-pore linden wood trim which added a sophisticated feel to the interior and is only available for the EQB. 

The EQB is packed with technology. Up front there are two 10" digital displays, one for the driving information and one for the infotainment with the 'Hey Mercedes' voice assistant function and smartphone connectivity. Sat nav is standard and can find the most battery efficient routes or the closest and fastest charging points.

As the EQB comes as standard in AMG Line trim there is a sport ambience with sports seats, alcantara, contrast stitching, aluminium highlights and a sports steering wheel.

Experience the EQB for yourself by arranging a test drive at Inchcape Mercedes-Benz.

The Mercedes-Benz EQB's raised body and large windows provide a commanding view of the road ahead, with limited blind spots for a car of this size. Plus the 360 degree parking camera and sensors makes it even easier to park in tight sports. 

One of the many benefits of the EQB being based so heavily on the GLB is that anyone who has previously driven or owned a Mercedes-Benz will feel right at home in the new EQB. 

However, even if you haven't drive a Mercedes before the EQB is incredibly easy and smooth to drive. It features a range of radars and sensors which are constantly aware of the road and traffic so can adapt the brake regeneration as needed which allows you to drive with one pedal, barely ever needing to use the physical brakes. Whether you choose the EQB 300 or 350 both power outputs provide good pulling power aided by the instant torque available from the electric motors. 

All of the EQB's controls feel well built and the overall experience is one of sophistication and refinement, which you would expect of a Mercedes-Benz. 

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Driving Modes

Using DYNAMIC SELECT the characteristics of the powertrain, ESP, suspension and steering can be adapted. The EQB defaults to comfort which provides a balanced feel which prioritises luxury, but there is also sport which maximises performance, eco which maximises range and individual which lets you configure the different elements of the car. Once a selection has been made there is acoustic and visual feedback.

Learn more about DYNAMIC SELECT in Inchcape's guide. 


EQB Trim Levels

The EQB comes in desirable AMG Line as standard.

Standard equipment includes:
  • AMG Body Styling
  • Dual 10" Digital Displays
  • 18" AMG Alloy Wheels
  • Privacy Glass
  • Reversing Camera
  • Front and Rear LED Light Bars
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AMG Line Premium adds a range of luxury touches.

Standard equipment in addition includes:
  • 19" AMG Alloy Wheels with High Sheen Finish
  • Keyless Go
  • Panoramic Glass Sunroof
  • Advanced Sound System
  • Wireless Phone Charging
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Charging Process

No you don’t, in fact the quickest charging happens between 10 and 80%, so frequent top ups within this range can be more convenient and preserve battery health. 

Fully charging the battery will however give you the maximum range for longer journeys. The battery is designed to last the lifetime of the car even with frequent charges outside of the 10-80% range.

The EQB can be charged from 10-80% capacity in just 32 minutes using a 100kw rapid charger.

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To charge the EQB you simply open the charging port which is located under a flap like a fuel cap on the rear panel of the car. 

Then either use the charging cable supplied with the car or the charging cable attached to the charging station and insert the cable into the car. Follow the instructions on the charging station such as payment instructions and confirmation, then check the car is charging by ensuring the charging icon led has turned green. 

Lock the car and leave it to charge. When returning simply unlock the car and use the unlock button next to the charging port to remove the cable. If the cable belongs to the car return to the boot.

If you use Mercedes Me Charge you simply plug in and the car charges, the energy is 100% renewable and there are over 500,000 charging points across Europe.

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The fastest charging takes place between 10-80% battery capacity, outside of these charging is slower to protect the battery. Other factors also affect the charging rate such as – temperature (colder temperatures slow charging rate), the charging rate and the size of the battery. The EQB supports rapid charging up to 100kW. 

Charging from 0% to 100% can take: 
• At home with a 3-pin plug, 35 hours to charge, giving 8 miles per hour charged. 
• Home wallbox, 22 hours, 12 miles per hour charged. 
• 7kW Public charger, 12 hours, 23 miles per hour charged. 
• 22kW Public charger, 8 hours, 36 miles per hour charged. 

From 20%-80%:
50kW Public charger, 60 minutes, 82 miles per 30 minutes charged.
150kW Public charger, 30 minutes, 164 miles per 30 minutes charged.

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At home to work out how much it will cost to charge your car, check the battery’s capacity and your electricity rate. For the EQB, the battery is 66.5kWh and for myself 20p per kwh. Over a 50 mile journey the EQB would cost les than 5p per mile in energy costs whereas a petrol GLB would cost 17p per mile. 

It is more likely that EQB users will take advantage of rapid charging. At a public charger the costs can vary. Some are free for customers such as Pod-Points at Tesco. Whereas others can cost money, using apps such as Pod-Point and Zap-Map you can see nearby chargers, if they are available and how much they cost. Quite a common cost for public chargers was 30p per kWh or a flat rate connection fee often around £1 then free after. The rapid chargers I found at service stations also cost around 30p per kWh which whilst costing more than at home is much quicker to charge and still costs less than running a combustion engine car.

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The EQB can be charged using a Type 2 connector or a CSS connector for rapid charging up to 100kw.

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It may not be possible to have a home charger installed at home due to reasons such as not having off-road parking, renting or having parking not close enough to your home. 

In these situations, it is still possible to run an electric car. In fact, with cars that support rapid charging it may be more beneficial to use a rapid charger once a week to keep the battery topped whilst not inconveniencing the driver. It is most convenient to charge an electric car where it is parked (which is almost 95% of the time for a car), using chargepoints at these locations. For most people this is at home, but other frequent destinations may also have chargepoints such as work, shopping centres and leisure centres. Then less frequent longer journeys can benefit from on-route rapid chargers found at service stations. 

Workplace charging and charging as part of a commute such as at a train station car park, in more normal times in particular serves as a good opportunity for people who cannot charge at home. As people often spend over 8 hours at work which is plenty of time to charge the car and most people’s commutes are less than 30 miles. I know that with my commute of 20 miles, I could commute every day of the week in the EQB and only have to completely charge the car once every two weeks.

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Electric Drivetrain Technology

The EQB uses regenerative braking to recover energy which would usually be wasted when braking.

The regen braking has different modes to control how much regen takes place. In its strongest setting the car can be driven with one pedal and in its weakest the car will just free roll.

There is also an auto setting which uses the car’s cameras, radars and GPS data to predict upcoming traffic and road conditions to decide when to use the regen braking to slow the car and recuperate energy rather than using the brakes and wasting this.

Therefore, you set the regen braking to be weak and the EQB will coast like a normal car or you can increase the regen braking to maximise efficiency.

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The EQB is likely to need a service every year or 15,000 miles. Servicing is less than a comparable combustion engine car due to there being fewer moving parts in an electric car. Inchcape supplies service plans so that you can spread the cost of servicing over fixed monthly payments.  

The EQB also comes with a three-year warranty for the car and an eight-year warranty for the battery. If the battery falls below 70% of it as new condition they will replace or refurbish it within the eight year period.  

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The EQB has an official range of up to 257 miles. When we drove the car it displayed a range of 210 miles, so with mixed driving and without adapting your driving style a range of over 200 miles should be realistic. 

However, with the EQB supporting rapid charging at 100kW a recharge from 10-80% takes just 32 minutes which gives total convenience. 

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Purchase, Tax and Grants

The Mercedes EQB is eligible for the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme grant which contributes £350 towards the cost of installing a wall box. The EQB also benefits from £0 road tax and £0 London congestion charge (although a £10 admin fee is still required each year). 

Company car drivers benefit as well as the BIK value is 1% for 2021/22 at a value of £521. 2% for 2022/23 and 2023/24. Whereas, a Mercedes GLB would have a BIK value of 35%, so the EQB offers big savings. 

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The Mercedes-Benz EQB has ambient lighting throughout the interior which can be configured in one of 64 different colours. The function also supports animation via the lighting to support a range of functions such as navigation, changing settings and the energizing package. The animations also alert you to messages such as when it is time to recharge the battery and when boost mode is activated.
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The driver assistance available on the EQB covers a range of functions. Such as Blind Spot Assist which gives a visual and audible warning if it predicts you will collide with another road user in the blind spot. 

Traffic Sign Assist detects speed limits, overtaking restrictions and other road rules and displays these on the dashboard for the driver’s reference.

Other functions include; Active Distance Distronic, Active Steering Assist, Active Braking Assist, Evasive Steering Assist and Active Lane Keeping Assist.

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Mercedes me Charge makes paying for charging effortless. It makes public charging simple allowing you access to a range of chargers with different suppliers using just one app and registered payment. You simply activate via the Mercedes me app or Charge card. You can also check the location, availability and prices of charge points via the app, and see how many Mercedes me Charge points are on your route using the navigation system in the car. To set up Mercedes me Charge, simply register for Mercedes me or log in to your account and activate the service.

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Saying ‘Hey Mercedes’ will activate the personal assistant which responds to almost every word and can process indirect speech. It supports a range of functions such as setting vehicle settings like the climate control, telling you vehicle information, updating you on the news and weather and finding local points of interest. 

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The EQB is almost as practical as the GLB it is based on with plenty of storage around the interior such as large door bins, double cupholders in the front and central cubby hole under the armrest. There are a range of USB charging points around the car as well as the option of wireless phone charging for those in the front of the EQB.

The third row of seats and outer middle row all have ISOFIX mounts to allow you to safely use a range of child seats in the EQB. 
Opening the electric hatchback reveals a large 465 litre boot which increases to 1,710 litres when the seats are put down. Plus the boot is packed with features such as USB-C chargers, illumination, netting and straps as well as underfloor storage perfect for the charging cables. 

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Configurable Seating

The configurable seating and practicality of the EQB is one of it's many stand out features. The EQB like the GLB can adapt to whatever you require from it. 

The middle of row of seats can slide forwards to allow more boot space or can slide back to allow more legroom. The third row of seats is stored flat in the boot floor and can be pulled out when needed. You can also have multiple combinations of seats with some up and some down to allow you to carry people and as well as have space to store items.

It is not difficult to slide the seats or fold down the seats, all can be done with one hand using the under seat levers and pull out straps. 

There are almost endless seating and storage configurations to meet your needs. No matter what setup you have you know with the EQB everyone will be experiencing Mercedes-Benz luxury and comfort. 

Check out the seating configuration options in person at your nearest Inchcape Mercedes-Benz Retail Centre.

Mercedes-Benz EQB Verdict

Just like the Mercedes-Benz GLB, the EQB would be a great car even without its configurable seating, due to its premium badge, luxury, technology, style and electric drivetrain. 

However, the configurable seating and option to be able to seat up to seven adults makes the EQB stand out as a premium alternative to the less desirable van-like seven seater MPVs. 

The latest electric drivetrain technology gives the EQB a decent range of over 250 miles, good performance and rapid charging gives convenience. 

The EQB is a true all rounder and could be the perfect fit for you and your family. 

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