Driving Modes Explained

Discover Mercedes-Benz DYNAMIC Select Driving Modes

Configurable Driving Dynamics

All new Mercedes-Benz vehicles are now fitted with DYNAMIC SELECT, technology that enables drivers to select a variety of driving modes.

Each changes the car’s response to driver inputs, tweaking its sensitivity to:

  • Throttle inputs
  • Gear changes
  • Suspension height and stiffness
  • Steering sharpness.

Several driving modes are fitted to each model as standard. Find out more in our guide.

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DYNAMIC Select Modes

Sport - 
This sharpens up your car’s responsiveness, making steering and throttle inputs more direct. Revs are allowed to run up to higher RPMs before gear shifts - making greater use of high-rev torque in naturally-aspirated petrol models. Suspension settings also become firmer, helping the car to corner more flatly at higher speeds.

Individual - This option gives you the chance to create and save your own, bespoke driving setting. If you prefer Sport steering settings, but Comfort throttle and suspension, so be it. Ask our trained experts to show you how to do this, when you head out on your test drive.

Sport+ - Takes the Sport mode’s settings to their very extremes, further enhancing the car’s responsiveness and packing a powerful punch.

Slippery - Fitted to some four-wheel-drive models, this provides added traction in snowy and icy conditions by tightening the suspension and distributing power equally across both axles.

Race - Fitted to some AMG models, this optimises the car for a track environment. The Race setting promises rapid gearshifts, the sharpest throttle responses, the most responsive steering and suspension; and also tweaks the behaviour of some onboard driving aids.

Contact a member of the team at your local Inchcape Mercedes-Benz Retail Centre today to arrange a test drive in your chosen model, and you could experience DYNAMIC SELECT Driving Modes sooner than you think.

Off-Road Driving Modes

Many Mercedes-Benz SUVs come with off-road specific driving modes. 

Off-Road - 
Fitted to SUVs, this raises the vehicle’s ride height to improve ground clearance when heading into difficult terrain. Power is distributed to the wheels with the most traction, so this mode helps to keep you moving when conditions are muddy.

Off-Road(+) - Designed for extreme off-roading at low speeds, this keeps the vehicle in its lowest gears. Only available when you select an Off-Road Engineering package, this locks the differential to provide permanent 50/50 traction distribution across the front and rear axles.

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