MINI Cooper 3 door vs 5 door

It can’t be denied that MINI is an iconic brand. When the trio of Coopers sped onto our screens in the 1969 movie, The Italian Job, it reinforced just how special these cars are.

Today, MINI still produce a range of fantastic cars, and that makes them tough to choose between; especially if the same model is available in two different sizes.

MINI 5-door Hatch vs MINI 3-door Hatch: which is it to be?

MINI Head to Head


In terms of the exterior design, the 3-door and 5-door are very similar. The circular lights give them both the classic MINI appearance, and if you looked at them from the front, you probably wouldn’t spot the difference. MINI saw no need to change the look of the front end – and as it’s one of the most iconic shapes in the automotive industry, that makes complete sense. It’s when you look at them from a side-on perspective that the differing styles become apparent.

Of course, the number of doors is a clear giveaway, and this affects the length and design of each vehicle. The 3-door has a squarer rear, so the car overall appears smaller and more compact. The fact there is only 3 doors gives it a sportier edge, whereas the 5-door’s extended rear gives it more of a practical, family feel.

Conclusion: These are both very attractive cars to look at, and they have a great edge to them. It’s a close call when it comes to choosing between the MINI 5-door and the 3-door based on appearance, so other aspects will likely factor into your decision.



Space is a one of the more major elements that sets the MINI 3-door apart from the 5-door. The former definitely has sufficient space; it has 4 seats and an additional 51 litres of boot space compared to the previous model. Although it’s smaller, the 3-door model definitely doesn’t feel cramped, but if you’re looking for extra space, the 5-door is more practical and has the advantage in this area.

The MINI 5-door has 5 seats, as opposed to 4, and with 278L of boot space, it offers 60L more than the 3-door. You’ll also enjoy an extra 5cm of legroom in the rear which offers added comfort for backseat passengers. This model is designed for people who still want a signature MINI, but who require extra versatility.

Conclusion: The best model for you really depends on how you plan to use the car. If you’ll have a full car more often than not, you may find the 5-door offers you the room you need. However, if it’ll mainly just be you, and the rear seats will rarely be occupied, you might decide the 3-door provides you with more than enough space.


The 3-door and the 5-door are evenly matched in terms of the features and technology on offer. Both have a fantastic 6.5” Smart Infotainment System, which offers you a world of entertainment and information. Check out the latest traffic predictions, and even sync up your Spotify playlists if you want to add a soundtrack to your journey.

Both models also have TwinPower Turbo engines, which have greatly improved the MINI range as a whole. These new engines make both cars very efficient to run and this results in lower CO2 emissions and lower fuel consumption. On the topic of fuel saving, the automatic stop/start function and brake energy regeneration will also help with this.

Conclusion: As you can see, there is next to no difference in this area. All the same add-on options are available, and you can relish in the latest MINI technology in both models. The only minor differences you’ll see will be that you can clock up a few extra mpg in the 3-door, and you’ll get from 0-60 a fraction quicker. This is simply down to the additional weight of the 5-door, but these variations are minimal.



These two models are relatively similar when it comes down the numbers, and they’re both great value. The MINI 3-door is available from an on the road price of £16,195, and the 5-door from £16,895. We have some great MINI finance deals on offer, so be sure to check them out.

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Conclusion: Of course, the 5-door is that little bit more expensive, but you’re paying for the extra doors and the extra space that it provides. You just need to decide whether, for practical reasons, it’s worth going for the larger model or whether the 3-door will appropriately meet your needs.



The moral of this comparison is: whichever MINI you choose, you can’t go far wrong. Both the 3-door and the 5-door are fantastic and really epitomise MINI as a brand. It really comes down to the minor differences that might sway you.

The MINI 3-door…

  • Is more compact and feels a little sportier
  • Is better if you don’t often have passengers


Whereas, the MINI 5-door…
  • Has extra space inside, and a larger boot
  • Is more practical for a family, or those who regularly have passengers


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