Jaguar Going All Electric By 2025

Jaguar has announced it will be all electric by 2025

The repositioning of Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar's 2025 Focus

JLR (Jaguar Land Rover ) have announced that both brands will have a new focus. Jaguar will go all-electric by 2025 and Land Rover will focus on other renewable energy sources alongside electricity. CEO Thierry Bolloré has set the target for JLR to be a net-zero-carbon business by 2039 and a big part of progress towards this target is offering an electric-only version of every JLR product by 2030 and moving Jaguar to an all-electric brand by 2025. 

The announcement will see Jaguar repositioned to a more premium market to attract high-end customers and focus on “quality over volume”. 

JLR have timed the developments in order to meet the 2030 deadline in which the UK government wants to outlaw the sale of petrol and diesel cars. 

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Possible New Models

Currently Jaguar has a range of plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid cars and one fully electric model, the I-Pace. Jaguar has started developing a new model architecture which will underpin every new EV from 2025, spending £2.5bn a year on new technology. 

Jaguar plans to continue manufacturing in the UK and not shut any of its plants. There is not much information on what models they plan to release but it has been suggested Land Rover will produce SUVS and Jaguar will work in other segments. Thierry Bolloré is a big fan of the I-Pace and so this may continue to be developed into a new model. 

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A Hydrogen Focus

JLR also plan to invest in hydrogen fuel cell technology. Land Rover is part of a research project worth £73m called Zeus which aims to deliver a zero-tailpipe emissions premium SUV with the typical Land Rover attributes and DNA. Hydrogen does have several advantages including a tank weighing about 80% less than a battery pack, cost savings and the convenience of quick fill ups. 

Land Rover will focus on alternative renewable energy sources such as hydrogen, whilst Jaguar will develop electric drivetrains. More information will be released such as the models and specifications soon.