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Upcoming Models 2022

Discover some of the exciting new cars coming in 2022 and register your interest to be one of the first to drive them.
The Complete Audi Q4 e-tron and e-tron GT Guide

This week Chris tests two models from the Audi e-tron range; the Q4 e-tron and e-tron GT. Find out more with our Inchcape guide to these models and why they might be the perfect fit for you.
MINI Accessories with Inchcape

A guide to the MINI JCW accessories stocked in the Inchcape accessories store. Whether you're a MINI fan, owner or looking for a loved one, let us take you on a browse through the MINI accessories available.
How To Add Athletic M Sports Looks To Your BMW

An introduction to the new 2021 BMW 5 Series and how to add M Sport looks to your BMW.
The Complete Mercedes Benz GLB Guide

This week Chris tests a Mercedes-Benz GLB. The smallest seven seater premium SUV the brand offers. Find out more with our Inchcape guide to the GLB and why it might be the perfect fit for you.
A Guide to Electric Car Maintenance

Read our guide into servicing and maintaining an electric car, the costs involved, how regularly they require maintenance and the warranties supplied with them.
The Complete Mercedes Benz EQA Guide

A guide to living with, charging and driving the Mercedes-Benz EQA.
What To Do After A Car Accident: A Step-By-Step Guide

Accidents occur completely unexpectedly, so we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to advise you about what you should do after a car accident.
The Complete Volkswagen ID.3 Guide

A guide to living with, charging and driving the VW ID.3.
Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) FAQs

Check out the answers to popular questions that arise around ULEZ and find out what the zone means for UK motorists.
Driving Licence Points: Everything You Need To Know

There can be confusion around the intricacies of how driving points work, so check out our useful guide for all the info.
The Best UK Road Trips

With summer almost here and restrictions easing it could be a great time to start planning your next adventure in the UK. Here are four road trips the team love here at Inchcape.
Mercedes-Benz Servicing: Service A and B Explained

Everything you need to know about servicing your Mercedes-Benz
The Complete Mercedes-Benz EQC Guide

A guide to living with, charging and driving the Mercedes-Benz EQC.
Road Tax FAQ

Road tax is something that affects all of us, so check out our guide to get fully clued up.
The Complete Lexus UX300e Guide

A guide to living with, charging and driving the Lexus UX300e.
The Complete Jaguar I-PACE Guide

A guide to living with, charging and driving the Jaguar I-PACE.
The Complete MINI Electric Guide

A guide to living with, charging and driving the MINI Electric.
The Complete MINI Countryman PHEV Guide

A guide to living with, charging and driving the MINI Countryman PHEV.

A guide to Motability with Inchcape. Discover if you're eligible, what allowances can be used, the benefits of the scheme and the range of Motability cars Inchcape supplies.
What Size Engine Do I Need?

Even when you know your make and model, choosing the right engine can be challenging. Here, we explain all.
A Step by Step Guide to Leasing for Small Businesses

A step by step guide to leasing a car for small businesses. Exploring the options available, the benefits to businesses and the costs involved. Find out more with Inchcape.
Car Body Types Guide

From Convertible to Crossover, Saloon to SUV, we explain what makes these models distinct from each other.
What happens to old EV batteries

In this guide Inchcape investigates the standards the EV batteries are designed and built to, factors effecting battery performance, how to extend battery life and finally the possible uses of EV batteries when they are no longer useful for vehicles.
New Cars vs Used Cars

In this guide, we’ll weigh up the pros and cons of buying new and used vehicles, to help you make up your mind when the time comes to purchase your next vehicle.
The Complete Lexus NX Guide

A guide to living with, driving and purchasing a Lexus NX.
The Complete VW Golf GTE Guide

A guide to living with, charging and driving the Volkswagen Golf GTE.
Car Selling Guide

Buying a new car is one thing, but selling one is a whole other, and potentially more complex matter. Read our guide to selling your car here.
The Complete Mercedes-Benz EQV Guide

A guide to living with, charging and driving the Mercedes-Benz EQV.
First Car Buying Guide

Whether you’ve just passed your test, or you’re advancing well with lessons and are planning ahead; you’ll be raring to get going in a car of your own.
How Much Does It Cost To Charge An Electric Car

Inchcape investigates the costs to charging an electric car, at home, work and at public chargers. They also take a look at the main suppliers for the public chargers and which apps and subscriptions are worthwhile.
A Guide to Inchcape Approved Used Cars

We follow an Audi A5 Black Edition as it goes through the comprehensive selection and approval process for a car to be sold as an Inchcape approved used car.
Car Jargon Buster

To help you get to grips with some of the basic terminology, here’s our handy car jargon buster that’ll have you knowing your PHEVs from your AWDs in no time.
New Cars vs Nearly New Cars

So what are the differences between new or nearly new cars? Here, we’ll way up the pros and cons of both to help you make your mind up.
The Complete Mercedes-Benz A250e Guide

A guide to living with, charging and driving the Mercedes-Benz A250e.
Car Insurance Guide

In this insurance guide we’ll run through the basics; why you need car insurance, what options are available to you, how insurers calculate your premium and what you can do to reduce it.
A guide to charging an electric car

A simple guide to charging electric cars, charging locations and charging cost created by Inchcape.
Category A, B, S and N Cars explained

You've seen cars on the market as ‘Category C’ or ‘Category D’ cars; often shortened to ‘Cat C and Cat D’. But what are they? And what are category S and N cars?
Electric Cars in the Winter

A simple guide to electric cars created by Inchcape. Discover how winter can have an impact on running, charging and driving an electric car compared to a conventional car. See our latest brand's electric and hybrid cars for 2021.
Cambelt Change Guide

A guide to cambelts and when to change them with Inchcape.
How to Choose a Car Guide

When deciding what car to buy, you need to consider your budget, your needs and your lifestyle – it’s vital that your new car works for you.
MOT Guide

You’re probably aware that every road vehicle must pass an annual MOT test. But what does an MOT actually involve?
Used Car Buying Guide

Our expert guide to buying a used car - from choosing the perfect car for you, to getting the optimum price and finance deal.
New Car Buying Guide

Our expert guide to buying a new car - from choosing the perfect car for you, to getting the optimum price and finance deal.
Car Finance Guide

Would you like to know more about car finance? Explore our expert guide to car finance and see all of your finance options explained.
The Importance of Test Driving a Car

A very important stage of the buying process, take a look at our handy tips here
Emissions and Tax - A Guide

Road tax rules have recently changed - so how do they affect you? One deciding factor is when the car was registered; if you're in the market for a brand new car, the new rules will apply, but if you're shopping for a nearly-new or used model it could go either way.
What's the best BMW for me?

Catering for all needs, the BMW model range packs in more than 25 different vehicles across 15 model lines, picking the right BMW may be a challenge.
Maintaining your BMW

Everything you need to know about maintaining your BMW
Which MINI hatch is for you

If a MINI hatchback is what you are in the market for then prepare to be spoilt for choice
BMW iDrive Explained

BMW's iDrive is an in-car management system that does just that – not just by delivering an easy to use system, but also by using pioneering technology to keep everyone safer on the open road
A Guide to Basic Car Maintenance

If you want to get the best from your car, you’ll have to keep it in top condition. Here’s how to do it.
What Are the Best Charging Options for Your BMW i3