Self-Charging Hybrid Cars

Beat rising living costs with our top 3 self-charging hybrids.

Self-Charging Hybrid Cars. Beat Rising Costs.

With the cost of living and in particular of petrol and diesel increasing it may be time to sell your car and upgrade to a self-charging hybrid car.

Self-charging hybrid cars contain a combustion engine, small electric battery and an electric motor. This allows them to drive on just combustion power, just electric power or a combination of both depending on the driving situation. 

Unlike an electric car or PHEV (plug-in hybrid) a self-charging hybrid does not need to be plugged in to recharge. Instead the battery is recharged via the engine and regenerative braking when slowing down. 

Discover our top three self-charging hybrid cars.

1. Toyota Yaris 1.5 Hybrid

The Toyota Yaris is one of the cheapest new self-charging hybrid cars available. 

The Yaris features a frugal 1.5 three-cylinder petrol engine and two electric motors which boost performance and fuel economy with over 60mpg easily possible. Toyota state that it is possible to drive on electric power alone up to 80% of the time which reduces fuel consumption. Whilst the CVT gearbox provides a smooth driving experience. 

The Toyota Yaris is not only efficient and good value for money it is also practical with room for five and a large boot with 286l capacity. 

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2. Toyota RAV4 2.5 Hybrid

The Toyota RAV4 offers similar levels of efficiency as the Yaris, returning over 50mpg but offers more practicality due to its spacious design. It features space for five adults and a large boot with 580l of capacity, making it an excellent choice as your next family car.

The RAV4 provides peace of mind with the Toyota Relax Warranty which is a three-year policy which can be increased up to 10 years if you service the RAV4 at a Toyota dealership

The RAV4 is packed with technology as well to make daily life easier such as all round parking sensors, reversing camera, LED headlights and smartphone connectivity as standard. 

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3. Lexus NX 350h

The Lexus NX is the most premium model in our top 3 self-charging hybrid cars.

Introduced at the start of 2022, the all-new Lexus NX offers sharp styling, luxury, advanced technology and efficiency. The self-charging drivetrain produces 244hp which provides a responsive driving experience whilst also achieving over 47mpg. 

Inside the 14" touchscreen is a huge improvement on the previous model and supports a range of features including Apple CarPlay. Another feature of the interior are the electronic door latches which prevents the door opening if there is something in your blindspot which you have not noticed. 

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Plug-In Hybrid and Electric Models

Self-charging hybrids are a great option if you want to reduce running costs or cannot plug the car in frequently to recharge. 

However, PHEVs have a much greater electric range with many models now driving over 50 miles on electric power. This reduces fuel consumption dramatically over a self-charging hybrid and you may never use the petrol engine on your regular journeys. The petrol engine provides flexibility if you have to drive further. 

There are also a great range of electric cars to suit most needs and budgets. These run exclusively on electricity. This means they do need to be plugged, but electricity is currently much cheaper when compared to petrol. Plus your car will never directly pollute the environment. 

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