The Complete Guide To The Volkswagen Multivan

A guide to the most car like MPV yet, packed with technology and style.

Everything you need to know about the Volkswagen Multivan

Welcome to our 'Complete Guide' series in which Chris discovers everything you need to know about owning one of our featured cars.

This week Chris tests the Volkswagen Multivan. Find out more with our Inchcape guide to the Multivan and why it might be the perfect vehicle for you.

Introducing The Volkswagen Multivan

The Volkswagen Multivan is a seven seater MPV and introduces a new era for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles joining the new ID.Buzz and existing Transporter.

The Multivan replaces both the VW Sharan and the VW Caravelle and is one of the most sophisticated MPVs available. Using the MQB platform which is shared with many of Volkswagen's passenger cars such as the Golf and Passat means the Multivan adopts much of the impressive technology and range of engines found in those models. The choice of engines ranges from a 2.0 TDI diesel engine, 1.5 TSI and 2.0 TSI petrol engines and a 1.4 TSI plug-in hybrid model offering 30 miles of electric only range. 

The Multivan offers a sharp, modern design, adaptable interior, the latest technology and a plug-in hybrid option. It delivers an excellent blend of practicality, comfort and safety and is more than up for whatever you throw at it. 

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Living With A Multivan

The Volkswagen Multivan is much more stylish than you might imagine an MPV could be. It is designed to pay homage to the DNA of its predecessors dating back to the 1985 Transporter. It features a well-proportioned design and adopts many of the styling elements from the VW Golf and ID.Buzz.

At the front are sleek LED headlights with an LED light bar running across the front to give a recognizable signature. Whilst the body colour grille gives a modern look. The sides feature a chrome bar which stretches the entire length of the van and are incorporated into the light designs. The chrome bar also defines the classic two-tone paint finishes on offer if specified. Choose from Deep Black Pearl with Fortana Red or Mono Silver with Energetic Orange. There are also a selection of solid and metallic paint finishes such as the Mono Silver on our test car. 

The stylish alloy wheel designs start at 17" up to 19" diamond cut wheels available as an option for the top of the range model allowing you to customise the look of your new Multivan. 

Around the rear there is a large spoiler to increase efficiency, LED lights and chrome finishes as well as the button to open the electronic tailgate. 

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The interior of the Multivan offers the same huge step in quality and style as the exterior. There are new premium materials such as the 'Dark Woodgrain Optic' on our car or 'Metal Grid' trims, two tone colour schemes and range of upholstery options such as 'Savona' leather.  

The dashboard features the same technology found in the VW Golf such as a 10" touchscreen as standard which supports smartphone mirroring and navigation with touch sensitive controls for the climate control. The digital driver instrument cluster is also standard, whilst the Style trim offers configurable displays so the driver can change the information shown.

Throughout the interior are clever touches such as hidden cupholders, countless storage cubbies on the dashboard and under the seats, large door bins and six USB-C sockets to ensure all the passengers can keep their devices charged.

The optional 30 colour ambient lighting and optional panoramic sunroof complete the cabin and both give a modern feel whilst the glass roof adds an airy feel and the laminated safety glass reduces thermal radiation by 44% compared to other glass types. 

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Stepping (up) into the Multivan you instantly notice the feeling of space and commanding view of the road ahead. There are not too many blind spots with the large windscreen and front quarter windows giving a good view forwards. The large door mirrors and array of safety technology make the Multivan easy to maneuver on the move, whilst at slower speeds the front and rear parking sensors and light steering take the stress out of driving.  
The Multivan drives well thanks to its passenger car based underpinnings whilst the PHEV we had on test felt surprisingly nippy and capable for its size. The instant torque from the electric motor gives the Multivan an effortless feel whilst driving. 

The ride quality is really good with potholes and expansion joints not really being felt inside and there is little wind or road noise, giving a refined car like experience. The optional Adaptive Chassis Control allows you to choose how firm or soft the suspension is and adapts to the road conditions and driving style to give the most comfortable ride possible. 

Unlike some PHEV brakes, the Multivan eHybrid's brakes have a consistent feel which makes them easy to judge and to drive smoothly despite the Multivan using the brakes to recuperate energy.

Experience the Multivan for yourself by arranging a test drive at Inchcape Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Multivan Trim Levels

The Multivan comes well equipped as standard.

Standard equipment includes:
  • 10" Colour Touchscreen
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Rear View Camera
  • Wireless-App Connect
  • 17" Alloy Wheels
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The Multivan Style is the top of the range model.

Standard equipment in addition includes:
  • Digital Cockpit Pro
  • Electric Sliding Doors
  • Heated Front Seats
  • Heated Windscreen
  • Heated Leather Multifunction Steering Wheel
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Charging Process

No you don’t, in fact the quickest charging happens between 10 and 80%, so frequent top ups within this range can be more convenient and preserve battery health. 

Fully charging the battery will however give you the maximum range for longer journeys. The battery is designed to last the lifetime of the car even with frequent charges outside of the 10-80% range.

The Multivan can be charged from 0-100% capacity in 3.6 hours using a 3.6KW rapid charger.

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To charge the Multivan you simply open the charging port which is located under a flap like a fuel cap on the front quarter panel of the car. 

Then either use the charging cable supplied with the car or the charging cable attached to the charging station and insert the cable into the car. Follow the instructions on the charging station such as payment instructions and confirmation, then check the car is charging by ensuring the charging icon led has turned green. 

Lock the car and leave it to charge. When returning simply unlock the car and use the unlock button next to the charging port to remove the cable. If the cable belongs to the car return to the boot.

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At home to work out how much it will cost to charge your car, check the battery’s capacity and your electricity rate. For the Multivan, the battery is 10.4kWh and for myself 20p per kwh. Over a 25 mile journey the Multivan would cost les than 11p per mile in energy costs whereas a petrol version would cost over 20p per mile. 

At a public charger the costs can vary. Some are free for customers such as Pod-Points at Tesco. Whereas others can cost money, using apps such as Pod-Point and Zap-Map you can see nearby chargers, if they are available and how much they cost. Quite a common cost for public chargers was 30p per kWh or a flat rate connection fee often around £1 then free after. The rapid chargers I found at service stations also cost around 30p per kWh which whilst costing more than at home is much quicker to charge and still costs less than running a combustion engine car.

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The Multivan can be charged using a Type 2 connector or a CSS connector for rapid charging.

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It may not be possible to have a home charger installed at home due to reasons such as not having off-road parking, renting or having parking close enough to your home. 

In these situations, it is still possible to run an electric or hybrid car. It is most convenient to charge a car where it is parked (which is almost 95% of the time), using chargepoints at these locations. For most people this is at home, but other frequent destinations may also have chargepoints such as work, shopping centres and leisure centres. Then less frequent longer journeys can benefit from on-route rapid chargers found at service stations. 

Workplace charging and charging as part of a commute such as at a train station car park, in more normal times in particular serves as a good opportunity for people who cannot charge at home. As people often spend over 8 hours at work which is plenty of time to charge the car and most people’s commutes are less than 30 miles. The Multivan's range will cover most commutes and for longer drives you can use the petrol engine. 

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Purchase, Tax and Grants

The Volkswagen Multivan eHybrid model thanks to its low CO2 emissions of 41g/km and electric range of over 30 miles has a much lower lower BIK rate than the petrol and diesel engines and many of the Multivan's rivals. 

This combined with the excellent MPG of up to 156.9 mpg could make the eHybrid model the perfect business vehicle. 

Company car tax at 20% (min/max)
£1,074 / £4,301
Company car tax at 40% (min/max)
£2,148 / £8,603

The Volkswagen Multivan makes an excellent personal car purchase as well with competitive finance deals thanks to the Multivan retaining much of its value over a finance term due to its desirability.  

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The Volkswagen Multivan features over 25 different assistance functions, here are a selection:

Travel Assist keeps you in lane whilst driving and keeps you a safe distance from other road users. Whilst PreCrash recognizes dangerous driving situations and takes measures to help protect the vehicle occupants by tensioning the seat belts, closing the windows and deploying the brakes. Trailer Asisst automatically manoeuvres the vehicle and trailer during parallel and reverse parking.

Adaptive Cruise Control uses front radar to measure the distance and speed of vehicles ahead and regulates the pre-set distance, it can also detect a collision and automatically brake. Front Assist with Pedestrian Monitoring can detect pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles and alert the driver to hazardous situations. If the driver does not react in time then the car can activate automatic emergency braking or even perform an evasive maneuver. The Multivan can even detect if the driver becomes incapacitated and can slow the car safely to a halt. 

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The Multivan is available with 30 colour ambient lighting which can be individually configured or set to a theme. Once chosen the ambient lighting can be found in the doors, over head and the themes of the displays change to give a modern luxurious feel.

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The Multivan communicates wirelessly with other VW vehicles equipped with Car2X to share information such as traffic updates, prepare the vehicles Adaptive Cruise Control. The system can also alert the driver to upcoming road works, accidents and emergency vehicles. 

Car2X comes as standard.

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The advanced IQ.Lights don't only look great they can also detect oncoming traffic and selectively switch off individual light beams to prevent dazzling oncoming vehicles. The headlight system uses the camera and radar systems to know when you'll be entering a town and need to dip the lights or can begin illuminating a bend before you start turning. 

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The Volkswagen Multivan was designed with usability and practicality in mind.  

The sliding doors, with optional power assist, make getting in and out of the back of the Multivan easy. Whilst the dashbaord mounted gear selector frees up space up front, so the flat floor is open and this makes it easy to move around inside. The interior is packed with storage cubbies, cupholders, charging points and doorbins. 

There are three rows of seats which can be configured to seat up to seven people or to maximize storage space. All the seats have Isofix mountings and there is plenty of head, leg and shoulder room. 

There is an innovative multifunction table which can be moved anywhere between the seating rows. It folds away whilst in not in use and is height adjustable with three cupholders and a deep storage compartment. 

Finally, the boot offers 469l of space with a hard partition which can carry 20kg of weight to allow you to get the most out of the shape of the boot. The L2 version has a much larger boot especially if you plan to keep the third row of seats in place most of the time.  

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The Volkswagen Multivan is lower than the Caravelle by 43mm which makes it easier to drive in tight spaces such as a garage or underground parking. 

When choosing your Multivan there are two lengths to choose from, the standard L1 and the longer L2. Both models have the same wheelbase but the L2 we had on test has a longer rear overhang which gives more space for the rear seats and boots. Other than the extra space there are no other differences in the two versions, both have sliding doors and a large tailgate.

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Configurable Seating

One of the Volkswagen Multivan's many strengths is the folding and easily removable seats in the rear which allow to you to configure the interior easily. There is seating for up to seven adults and the rear seats are now 25% lighter which makes them easier to move around and remove from the car if needed. 

Using the rails in the floor each seat, even with the seat heating option selected, can be individually moved, folded up (which exposes a usable surface on the rear of the seat with cupholders) or removed. 

There are almost endless seating and storage configurations to meet your needs. No matter what setup you have you know with the Multivan everyone will be experiencing comfort with the rear climate control, charging points, optional seat heating and cupholders.  

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Should I Buy The Volkswagen Multivan?

The Volkswagen Multivan offers a huge step up from the Caravelle it replaces, it offers practicality and usability with less compromise thanks to its car underpinnings which means it drives better, it features advanced technology and there is a fantastic selection of engines to choose from. 

Its premium badge, configurable seating, luxury interior, hybrid drivetrain and excellent residuals helps it to stand out from other MPVs and as a result should definitely be considered.  

If we were to choose a Multivan we'd choose the eHybrid model with the longer wheelbase and in Style trim. 

The Multivan is a true all rounder and could be the perfect fit for you and your family. 

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