Best Small Automatic Cars

It is clear that there is a growing shift away from manual gearboxes towards automatic ones. The amount of automatic cars sold within the UK is rising, with figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) showing that the number of them on the road has increased by over 70 per cent since 2007.

With this in mind, and the popularity of small cars that are easy to drive and cheaper to run, we’re going to take a look at some of the best small automatic cars currently available:


Toyota AYGO

Toyota AYGO

The Toyota AYGO is compact, playful, and basically everything you could want from a small automatic car. The external design is bold and stylish, and the futuristic interior plays host to some great technological additions, including the x-touch multimedia system.

Although not excessively fast or powerful, the AYGO remains dynamic, agile and responsive, and is ideal for urban living due to its size and nippy nature. In addition, the fact it’s very cheap to run is an extra bonus.

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Volkswagen Polo

VW Polo

This is another strong contender for the title of best small automatic car. The Polo is a small car but with plenty of versatility and space, boasting a 351 litre boot capacity.

Unique to Volkswagen Group vehicles, the Polo comes with the DSG automatic gearbox. This differs slightly from traditional automatics, acting more like a manual that changes gear for you. This translates into a gearbox with the efficiency of a manual, and the convenience of an automatic; the best of both worlds.

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MINI 3-Door Hatch

MINI 3-Door Hatch

MINI is iconic and renowned for creating insanely fun small cars – the 3-Door Hatch is no different. Its low centre of gravity and stiffer suspension provide exciting go-kart handling, and thanks to its TwinPower Turbo engine, fuel economy is impressive, with petrol models offering up to 61mpg.

This is a car designed to stand out with all the customisation options it has available, so as you cruise along in this great little automatic car, you can prepare to turn a few heads.

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Audi A1

Audi A1

The Audi A1 is a slightly more expensive choice on this list of small automatic cars, but with it comes a great combination of tech and power. Being the baby of the Audi range, the A1 is perfect for city living, but can handle longer journeys equally well.

Similar to the Polo, the A1 has its own version of the DSG gearbox which is called S-tronic. This facilitates quick gear changes, which means more power, as well as and increased efficiency.

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smart EQ

smart EQ

If you are after a small automatic car, you can’t really go any smaller than a smart, so here we have the smart EQ range bringing the power of electric to our list. Releasing zero emissions, and offering a range of up to 99 miles, these cars are a fantastic sustainable option.

Although the EQ range is electric, and the cars therefore do not have gears, we're willing to bend the rules a little because they do bear similarities to automatics in the way they are driven.

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Now, more than ever, there is a fantastic range of small automatic cars on the market, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for you.

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