Connectivity as Standard

An Aux-In and USB port come with all Aygo's - perfect for phone playlists.

It's Fun In Here!

With its futuristic single pod dashboard, numerous advanced features such as the x-touch multimedia system, and a burst of contrasting colour if you want, AYGO’s interior is unlike anything else on the streets. It’s fun, usable and stylish.

Perfect City Car

Good clean fun. Dynamic, agile and responsive, AYGO feels right at home in the city.

Extremely low running costs, compact dimensions and playful character – a winning formula that has made the Toyota AYGO hugely successful in the UK, since its very initial launch. Specifically designed for urban ‘run-arounds’, the AYGO can typically be found in the city but can provide equal levels of enjoyment during peaceful countryside drives. A nimble framework allows the driver to navigate along the narrowest of streets with ease, while a turning circle of just 4.8 metres guarantees that no turn is too tight. Not forgetting a new, revised suspension that offers a smoother drive and space for four, with an ample amount of room for any luggage you should require on road trips or short drives. 

What makes x-styling so special? Besides a bold front-x face and brave double bubble roof across the AYGO range, you’re sure to meet your personality equivalent, with six variants to choose from. x, x-play, x-wave, x-pure, x-cite and x-clusiv – take your pick of this playful bunch and rest assured that you’ll enjoy compact city driving at it’s finest. 
From the playful stance to the bright paintwork finish, standard x-styling throughout and supportive seating; an AYGO is the perfect choice for those seeking the adventure of the open-road.

Whether you choose to cruise the city in a 5-door or the countryside terrain in a 3-door, or perhaps you would rather do this the other way around, this compact range is small in size but huge in character. While our vibrant new Toyota AYGO x-cite features a daring yellow paintwork finish, you're free to customise each model in the AYGO range as much as you like. Customising the AYGO of your choice is as simple as choosing your grade, body colour, an applicable exterior and interior pack. We'll sort the rest.