Volkswagen Connected Cars

The Volkswagen We Connect App is your direct connection to the world of Volkswagen.


Maximise your ownership experience today by downloading the App

From navigation and safety to entertainment and personalisation, Volkswagen We Connect gives you access to a huge variety of features. Take a closer look at everything you get when you take advantage of Volkswagen We Connect services. 

Step 1: Download the app 
Step 2: Register 
Step 3: Verify
Step 4: Connect to your car

Features & Benefits of the We Connect App include the following:

✔ Vehicle Status
✔ Breakdown Call: guide roadside assistance to your location at the touch of a button and sleep better at night with the online anti-theft alarm.
✔ Vehicle Health Report
✔ Driving Data
✔ Parking Position
✔ Service Scheduling
✔ Control the doors and lights in your Volkswagen via smartphone
✔ Real Time Traffic Information – Reach your destination with ease with our smart assistants.
✔ Remote locking/unlocking via the app.
✔ Control your auxiliary heater.
✔ Live broadcasts and podcasts via web radio. 
✔ Stream your favourite music and enjoy all the freedoms of a Wi-Fi hotspot.


We Connect ID

For ID Models only

✔ Personalisation in your ID. seating position, mirror adjustment, lighting, preferred temperature and driver assist systems in your driver profile. 
✔ Over-the-air updates keep your electric car up-to-date. Your vehicle receives new software updates via the mobile data connection and can be downloaded at a time that suits you. 
✔ Plan departure times can be used when your vehicle is connected to the charging station, so that it is charged and at your preferred temperature. 
✔ Air Conditioning in your ID. allows you to set the air conditioning to a pleasant temperature before your trip. So you can climb into a wonderfully cool vehicle in summer or a cosy warm interior during the winter. Icy windows are a thing of the past.
✔ Your ID. is well-connected. This allows you to download, activate or renew existing contracts for useful digital products straight from your car. The We Connect web shop and In-Car Shop on your infotainment system shows you all the available products for your ID.

We Connect Go

Want to use practical connectivity features in your Volkswagen, but don’t have We Connect or Car-Net in your vehicle? No problem. Together with our DataPlug*, the ‘We Connect Go’ app connects you instantly with your new vehicle or model from 2008 onwards. That’s plug and play connectivity from Volkswagen.

*Applicable on models registered in 2008 onwards without We Connect or Car-Net in the vehicle

How to Connect to the We Connect App

Step 1:
Purchase your We Connect Go Data plug from your nearest Inchcape Volkswagen retailer
Step 2: Follow the step by step guide here

. Open your WeConnect app via your smartphone
2. Scroll down and select Your authorised workshop
3. Use Google maps to select your preferred Inchcape Volkswagen retailer & select Automatic service scheduling

Your preferred Inchcape Volkswagen authorised workshop will contact you to schedule required service appointments (inspections, oil changes and warning messages selected by Volkswagen AG). You can change your preferred channel of communication at any time. 

For more information please contact your nearest Inchcape Volkswagen retailer today