Volkswagen Electric Car and Plug-in Hybrid Range

The Volkswagen range now includes a wide range of electric-powered vehicles from plug-in hybrid saloons and electric hatchbacks to electric SUV cars

Volkswagen Electric and Hybrid Cars

Volkswagen ID.4

An urban SUV with a fantastic design concept combined with the turning circle of a compact car: the new ID.4 shows how attractive electric mobility can be.

With large alloy wheels, roof rails, recessed door handles for improved aerodynamics, optional 3D LED tail light clusters with dynamic turn signals and an optional light line that extends along the front and rear of the car. The ID.4 design team use light in the place of chrome.

Inside, the interior of the new ID.4 is intelligently and spaciously designed to offer an impressive sense of space. A large touch display of up to 30.5cm takes the central focus. Other features include a multifunction steering wheel featuring touch operation and vibration feedback. The background lighting creates a lounge like character and can be changed by the passengers.

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Benefits of Driving Electric

VW electric cars are designed to minimise their impact on the environment, from zero tailpipe emissions to responsible recycling.
  • VW is developing a pure electric fleet to create a sustainable future and help minimise its contribution to climate change.
  • Batteries are designed to have a long life. When they are no longer needed, VW has a sophisticated process to reuse, remanufacture and recycle them.
  • The ID 3 is carbon neutral, VW is assuming responsibility for its share of global carbon emissions.
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    Electric cars are now a serious alternative to conventional engines for all your driving needs, no matter the distance. And it’s never been easier to charge at home, at work or on the road. There are now more electric charging stations in the UK than petrol stations. It’s never been easier to charge at home, at work, at the shops or on the road. The ID 3 has a range of up to 366 miles depending on battery specification, so now range is no compromise.

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    Making the switch to electric could save you a lot of money, with cheaper refuelling, plus grants and tax breaks. Can you really afford not to?
  • Electric cars that cost £50,000 or less are eligible for a government grant providing a £3,000 discount.
  • Electric cars are exempt from London’s congestion charge and can be driven in ULEZ. This could save you up to £27.50 a day.
  • Electric vehicles are road tax exempt.
  • Electricity is cheaper than petrol or diesel, meaning you could reduce your running costs by a third.
  • Depreciation is comparable to a conventional car, due to the life and range of the batteries VW use.
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    Volkswagen ID.3

    The arrival of ID.3 signifies not just the launch of a new model, but a whole new family of pure-electric cars. It has been designed with one goal in mind: to emphatically bring e-mobility to the masses. This is not just a new car, but a new era for Volkswagen.

    With a range of up to 336 miles the ID.3 is designed to be simple and easy to use. Almost all the car functions are operable by touch controls or via the “Hello ID.” intelligent voice control. Features such as the Intelligent Lighting Concept communicate visually to the driver functions such as navigation. A first for VW is the optional AR Head Up Display which projects onto the windscreen, overlaying information onto the road ahead. Most impressively the VW ID.3 is carbon neutral, meaning VW takes responsibility for the greenhouse gases produced during production and delivery by using renewable energy sources and offsetting unavoidable emissions.

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