MINI Teleservices

With MINI Teleservices, your MINI is even smarter than you know

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How does MINI Teleservices work?

MINI Teleservices means that we are with you at all times when it comes to maintenance and servicing. 

  • It uses on-board sensors to detect when your MINI needs servicing, and specifies which service it requires
  • We can use your MINI Teleservices data to remind you to book a service and order any genuine MINI parts in advance
  • MINI Teleservices speeds up the servicing process so you can be back on the road faster

MINI Teleservices features:

Automatic Teleservice Call

Your MINI automatically transmits service-related data to your preferred Inchcape MINI centre, allowing us to contact you to arrange an appointment when your vehicle requires servicing.

Breakdown Call

This function allows you to directly contact MINI Roadside Assistance, who will analyse technical data from your car to quickly establish the issue.

Battery Guard

If your MINI battery charge drops to a critically low level, the Battery Guard will activate. If there is a technical issue, your preferred Inchcape MINI centre will be notified and will be in touch to arrange an appointment.

How to enjoy smarter servicing

With the array of intelligent features available through MINI Teleservices, servicing your vehicle is simple and efficient. Your MINI will transmit all the relevant data to your preferred Service Partner, and you will be contacted without delay to arrange an appointment.

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