MINI Air Conditioning Service

Breathe easy with a MINI Air Conditioning Recharge & Refresh

A MINI Air Conditioning Service enables your MINI to maintain the perfect climate when driving, and provide a cabin that is dust and allergen free.


To keep your MINI Air Con unit working perfectly, we recommend operating the system often, as well as ensuring you have it examined and serviced regularly by our expert Cooper MINI Technicians. 

Is your MINI Air Conditioning not working as it should be?

If you find that your Air Con is failing to reach the desired temperature, or takes too long to do so, you’re going to need a MINI Air Conditioning Recharge.

A Recharge includes:

  • The entire system being assessed for any leaks
  • Refrigerant will be drained
  • The refrigerant and the lubricant will both be recharged
  • The system operating pressures will be thoroughly checked

Does your Air Conditioning smell musty?

If you become aware that your Air Con smells musty, or smells any different to usual, we would recommend an Air Conditioning Refresh. This involves an anti-bacterial treatment that will completely cleanse the system, ensuring that you are only breathing fresh air in your MINI. 

A Refresh includes:

  • The air duct system and evaporator cleansed and disinfected
  • Treatment of your MINI interior and air vents
A MINI Air Conditioning Recharge & Refresh is not just important during summer; it will also ensure that your Air Con system is able to de-mist your windscreen in winter too.