Mercedes-Benz Connected Cars

The Mercedes Me App is your direct connection to the world of Mercedes-Benz.


Maximise your ownership experience today by downloading the App

The Mercedes me app wraps all Mercedes-Benz tech into one seamless experience between you, your Mercedes-Benz, your Smartphone and the internet. 

With the Mercedes me App, you have access to your Mercedes-Benz at any time, and anywhere. A glance at your smartphone is enough to tell you whether all the windows are closed, how far your tank or battery will take you or whether the tyre pressure is correct. With the Mercedes me App, you can also locate your vehicle and be warned if, for example, the sunroof or doors are not closed.

Step 1: Download the app 
Step 2: Register 
Step 3: Verify
Step 4: Connect to your car


Your personal Mercedes me ID is the key to the digital world of Mercedes-Benz. With it, you can conclude your contract with Mercedes me Connect and benefit from Mercedes-Benz Digital Extras. This makes your vehicle even safer, more comfortable and more individual.


Benefits of Mercedes me App

Benefits of a Mercedes Benz connected car by using the Mercedes me App include the following: 

Everything under control 
Open or close doors, windows and sunroofs remotely with the Mercedes me App. Start the auxiliary heating/ventilation or program it for your departure time. Even better if you have a Mercedes-Benz with electric drive, you can use pre-entry climate control for your vehicle. All with just one simple gesture.

Everything for your route
Plan your route conveniently on your smartphone and transmit addresses or routes to your Mercedes-Benz with ease using the Mercedes me App. All you have to do then is get in and drive off.

Everything for an emergency
Receive a message if someone tries to steal your Mercedes-Benz, tow it away or bumps into it while it is parked. If your vehicle alarm has been triggered, you can deactivate it using the Mercedes me App. With Geofencing, you are notified when your Mercedes-Benz enters or leaves an area you have defined. In addition, the Speedfencing and Valet Protect functions inform you if your configuration is exceeded or deviated from.

Everything for fuel-efficient driving
With the Mercedes me App, you always have an eye on your vehicle's fuel consumption. In addition, the app shows you the fuel consumption compared to other drivers of your Mercedes-Benz. The  ECO display lets you know how sustainably you are driving.

Everything you need for electric motoring
The Mercedes me App shows you the current range of your Mercedes-Benz with electric drive and all charging stations in your vicinity on a map. In addition, you can conveniently start the charging process at a public charging station via the app.