Land Rover Service Plans

The easiest way to manage your Servicing costs for your Land Rover

Please read the below for more information on what your plan includes.

Land Rover Service Plan Benefits

The benefits:

You have the option to spread the cost of your Land Rover servicing

✔ Inflation proof – the price you pay is fixed protecting you from cost increases.
✔ Flexible payment options – how you choose to pay is down to you – one off payment or spread the cost.
✔ If you sell your Land Rover your remaining Service Plan balance can be transferred to your new model or fully refunded.
✔ Genuine Land Rover parts which are covered by a 2-year warranty

Our Land Rover Service Plans are available for all Land Rovers over 90 days old, and allows you to take control over how much you pay for your expert servicing. You can either pay up front in a single lump sum, or spread the cost with pay monthly installments by direct debit. The choice is yours.

Your Land Rover's servicing intervals is based on your estimated annual mileage and the length of your service plan, both of which are chosen by you. Remember, we’re always here to help you with your choices should you need us.


Find the best Service Plan for you

Find the Service Plan that's right for you and your vehicle. For more information or to purchase please contact your local Land Rover centre, alternatively you can purchase online.

View full Land Rover Service Plan Terms & Conditions here