Land Rover Plug-in Hybrid Range

Legendary capability and luxury reimagined

For more than seven decades, Land Rover has challenged what’s possible. Today, electric power enhances the world’s most capable and luxurious SUVs with new levels of sustainability, responsiveness and refinement. 

Embrace near-silent, fully electric propulsion and zero tailpipe emissions with Range Rover luxury, a blend of precision and craft. 

Land Rover Plug-in Hybrid Cars

Land Rover Electric and Hybrid Power

Electric vehicles are powered by an electric motor and a battery. Instead of fuelling up at a petrol station you can keep your car charged through a home charger. On the go you benefit from rapid DC charging at public charging stations. By driving electric you help reduce carbon emissions and your carbon footprint.

Land Rover's plug-in-hybrid (PHEV) engine technology features a petrol engine and much larger battery with an electric motor specifically to allow the car to drive on electric power alone. The powerful petrol engine and electric motor combine to give you optimum performance and efficiency.

Different driving modes adapt to the driving conditions, in EV mode the car drives purely on electric power for efficiency and refinement, hybrid mode combines the engine and electric motor. The battery can be charged by plugging the car in and via regenerative braking which captures the energy normally lost whilst braking. 

Land Rover PHEV Cars: 
  • Discovery Sport- 34 mile electric range
  • Evoque - 34 mile electric range
  • Range Rover- 25 mile electric range
  • Range Rover Sport - 25 mile electric range
  • Velar - 33 mile electric range
  • Defender - 27 mile electric range

Land Rover's mild hybrid (MHEV) engine technology intelligently recovers energy that would normally be lost when slowing down. The energy is stored in an underfloor battery so it can be reused to boost engine power to increase performance and allow engine off coasting to increase fuel efficiency and lower emissions. The engine technology can be found in all of Land Rover's range. 



Range Rover

The new Range Rover is available in two plug-in hybrid variants with a much extended range. The PHEV uses a 3.0l 6 cylinder Ingenium petrol engine and a 105kW electric motor for two power variants; the P440e and P510e.  

Both models have an electric range of up to 62 miles of zero tailpipe emission driving and support rapid charging for quick recharges.

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Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Discovery Sport's versatility is increased further with the PHEV drivetrain. Using a 1.5 litre three-cylinder petrol engine and 107bhp electric motor the Discovery Sport PHEV produces a total of 304bhp. 0-60mph is completed in 6.2 seconds whilst up to 135mpg is achievable and up to 34 miles on electric power alone. 

The PHEV drivetrain combines the benefits of a conventionally powered car with the efficiency and emission free driving of an electric motor.

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