Toyota ProTect

Keeping your car in showroom condition for longer, ensuring an enhanced part-exchange value or selling price

What is Toyota ProTect?

Key features of Toyota ProTect include the following:

✔ Toyota ProTect helps keep your car in showroom condition for longer, ensuring an enhanced part-exchange value or selling price when you decide to change your vehicle.
✔ Toyota ProTect is a revolutionary new NASA-derived coating which provides high-grade protection for vehicle surfaces.
✔ Toyota ProTect is not a traditional wax or even an advanced polymer sealant. It is new technology that forms a ceramichardened finish that bonds with your car’s paintwork, creating an extremely tough, durable seal.
✔ Protects against traffic film, pollution, acid rain, solvents and the initial damaging effects of bird lime. (Due to the hazardous nature of bird lime, it must be removed within 48 hours. This event is not covered under the terms of this guarantee).
✔ Hydro-repellent to keep your vehicle looking showroom fresh for longer.
✔ In addition, the interior protection provides an invisible stain resistant barrier that will protect the internal fabrics from liquid spills such as tea, coffee, fruit juice, takeaways etc., as well as dirt, grease, oil and grime
✔ Simply wipe away all kinds of substances without staining your upholstery.
✔ Give valuable alloy wheels outstanding protection against brake dust, road grime and weather.
✔ Just one application of ProTect by your Inchcape Retailer is all that is required for five years guaranteed peace of mind.

What is the 5-year Guarantee?

The Toyota ProTect 5-year Guarantee includes the following:

✔ The treated exterior paintwork of your vehicle is guaranteed for a full five years against weather-induced fading, oxidation and a range of other environmental factors
✔ The treated interior upholstery of your vehicle is also guaranteed for a full five years against stains.
✔ In the event of loss of finish to the exterior paintwork or staining to the interior of the vehicle, the owner must notify the supplying Authorised Retailer immediately.
✔ In the event that a failure of exterior protection under warranty has occurred, the Toyota Authorised Repairer will arrange for re-application to be carried out.
✔ In the event there is a failure of the interior protection, Toyota ProTect will arrange and attempt to remove the stain and then will reapply the interior protection to the affect area.
✔ Not only do you benefit from the product’s five year guarantee, but the next owner will too if sold within the five-year period.

Maintenance Advice

Recommended maintenance advice includes:

✔  DO wash your vehicle occasionally. The water repellent property of Lexus ProTect creates a self-cleaning surface which means that less cleaning is required. Use vehicle wash concentrate with either a sponge or cloth, then rinse with clean water. Dry with a synthetic cloth or leather chamois.
✔ DO use a hand wash, jet wash or a mechanical car wash on regular setting if you wish.
✔ DO NOT wax or polish on top of the Lexus ProTect coating.
✔ DO NOT apply any kind of conservers or wax top-ups.
✔ IN THE EVENT of collision damage and repair, the Lexus ProTect coating can be restored. Please consult your Lexus Authorised Repairer.
✔ Lexus ProTect provides unrivalled protection against the damaging initial effects of bird lime and tree sap. However, it is strongly recommended that such deposits are removed immediately, as neither are covered under this guarantee.

Eligibility and Exclusions of this product

Vehicle exclusions - The vehicle must:

✔ NOT be used for hire or reward e.g. taxi, courier, delivery, driving school
✔ NOT be a commercial vehicle

Exclusions to cover - Toyota ProTect does not cover against:

✔ Collision damage, vandalism, stone chips, fire, rust, owner negligence
✔ Vehicle modifications carried out after the application of Toyota ProTect
✔ Damage resulting from abrasive polishes, acid wheel cleaners or cutting agents.
✔ Industrial fallout, acid rain, bird lime, tree sap, brake fluid, battery acid.