Benefits of working for Inchcape

We aim to be the employer of choice, and to support our ambition we believe in rewarding our colleagues in and out of the workplace.

The annual base holiday entitlement for Inchcape colleagues is 25 days. In recognition of continuous and long service, we also reward our colleagues by increasing their holiday entitlement.

We believe that our colleagues should have the opportunity to invest in our business by owning Inchcape shares, which enables our colleagues to benefit from potential share price growth and dividend streams. Colleagues can save up to £250.00 per month for 36 months. On maturity of the SAYE scheme, you have the option of withdrawing your savings (with interest) or purchasing Inchcape shares at a discounted price. Our SAYE scheme is a great way to save safe and securely.

Inchcape wants to recruit and retain the best people and we believe that our colleagues are well placed to know what our company is looking for and help us to attract these best people. To reward our colleagues, we have a scheme in place where you can earn some extra money for successfully introducing a new colleague to the company. The scheme works as follows:

  • Introduce a new colleague and if they pass their three-month probationary period you will receive £350 (£500 for critical skills) paid via payroll.
  • You will receive a further £350 (£500 for critical skills) when the new colleague successfully completes 12 months’ service.

Vacancies are advertised on the Inchcape intranet and there is no limit to the number of successful introductions that can be made. Overall this means that you can help Inchcape recruit the best people, so we can all work together to take the company forward and you can earn some extra money for doing so.

Our colleagues are an essential source of advocacy for our business in terms of car sales and services. We therefore encourage our colleagues to recommend Inchcape to potential customers, and recognise those colleagues who successfully introduce new customers to our business, through payment of a Customer Introduction Reward. All a colleague needs to do is introduce one of their friends or a family member to an Inchcape Retail Centre and if they purchase a car, as a ‘Thank You’, they can claim a £100 reward.

It is important for our colleagues to have the opportunity to experience our Inchcape brands. Our colleagues and their families can purchase cars at an attractive discounted rate from our dealerships. We also offer great discounts on servicing and parts including; oil, parts, labour and MOTs.

The Showroom is our fantastic savings and discount website, offering all Inchcape colleagues the chance to save money at a host of High Street retailers. Colleagues can save hundreds of pounds each year on everything from groceries, petrol, clothing, insurance, holidays, flights, broadband, mobile phones, Sky TV… in fact just about anything. Our website also enables our colleagues to send e-cards to their friends across the business – perhaps it’s someone’s birthday, you want to say thank you or celebrate a new colleague joining the team.

Watch 'The Showroom' Video

Our colleagues can obtain a new bike, appropriate safety equipment and save on Tax and National Insurance on the cost of their bike. There are no credit checks to satisfy and the cost will be spread over 12 months.

At Inchcape, we want you to enjoy working with us and we also want to help you work towards financial security in your retirement. We offer both a core level of benefit but also an enhanced level of benefit