BMW Plugged In: EV Insights

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Discover more about driving electric with BMW

Welcome to the BMW Electric Vehicle family! BMW has always been committed to creating the most rewarding driving experience. They've now taken that ethos forward into their range of all-electric cars.

Embark on a journey of innovation with BMW electric vehicles, offering unparalleled performance, extended range, and luxurious comfort.

We’re here to answer the all-important questions on BMW Electric Vehicles. Giving you bitesize information to help when considering making the switch to electric.

BMW EV Range

Unlock the full potential of your BMW Electric with these comprehensive tools

BMW Electrified
The BMW Electrified website features an intuitive tool to calculate the potential savings you can make on fuel costs when driving electric vs a traditional combustion engine. 

Find out more here.

BMW Discover
Learn how to unlock the full potential of your new BMW with easy to follow videos and tips on the BMW Discover website. The knowledge bank covers features such as Gesture Control, iDrive, xDrive, All-Wheel Drive, Bowers and Wilkins sound system, Park Assist and all other exciting BMW features.

Unleash the full potential of your BMW with our knowledge bank and embrace the ultimate driving experience whilst taking the first step towards a greener, more efficient driving experience. 

Find out more here.

What are the benefits of owning a BMW Electric Vehicle?

BMW Electric Vehicles redefine acceleration, harnessing the full power of their engines for lightning-fast responsiveness. With maximum torque available from the get-go, every journey is a thrilling experience. Plus, enjoy enhanced handling thanks to the strategic placement of the motor and battery, surpassing traditional combustion engines in agility and precision.

Never compromise on the iconic sound of BMW. With BMW IconicSounds Electric, crafted by the legendary Hans Zimmer, your driving experience is tailored to your style, whether you crave sporty excitement, efficiency, or a personalized touch.

Navigate effortlessly with the range optimised route planner, available via the My BMW App, ensuring you reach your destination without interruption. With access to a network of 551,000 charging points across the UK, charging stops are convenient and stress-free.

For ultimate convenience, charge your BMW electric vehicle at home using your preferred speed, whether with a home charger or the versatile BMW Flexible Charging Cable.

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Living with a BMW Electric: BMW i5 Touring

Join Luvena as she explores the daily life of owning a BMW i5 Touring Electric Vehicle on an 80-mile journey. From using the My BMW App for seamless navigation and charge predictions to efficient journey planning, this experience highlights the convenience of electric driving.

Starting with a 94% charge, which gives a range of around 248 miles, Luvena made a pitstop and still had 62% charge remaining when she arrived at her final destination.

The BMW app plays a crucial role in managing the car's status, preconditioning the battery, and ensuring the car is locked. It also helps locate the nearest charging stations and choose the best charging method, whether for optimised charging or faster turnaround times when you want to get back on the road. In this instance, Luvena opted for speedier charging, reaching 80% battery in just 35 minutes.

Discover the ambient lighting and various driving modes, including Sport and Efficient, along with the convenience of sunroof control, direct from the cockpit. The BMW i5 Touring EV offers a driving experience that is both easy and enjoyable.

How do I purchase a BMW Electric Vehicle from my BMW retailer?

Ready to make the switch to a BMW Electric Vehicle? Visit our models page to explore the full range. From there, you can submit an enquiry, book a test drive, or call a dealership to get started.

Experience your favorite model firsthand with a test drive and feel the thrill of driving a BMW EV on the road. Our friendly team is here to answer any questions and assist you through the entire process, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey from start to finish.

Find your nearest BMW Dealership here.

How will I be kept informed about when my new BMW Electric vehicle will arrive?

We know how exciting it is to get a new vehicle, which is why we pride ourselves on providing clear and prompt updates about the arrival of your BMW.

We'll reach out regularly to keep you informed about your vehicle's build progress and answer any questions you may have along the way.

During the handover, we'll assist you in pairing your car with the My BMW App, ensuring you have full functionality as you embark on your electric journey.

Browse the BMW Electric and Hybrid range here.

What tools are available to me before my BMW arrives?

The My BMW App lets you stay connected with your car from anywhere, serving as your digital companion for vehicle status updates, destination planning, and remote control.

Get acquainted with both the app and your new BMW even before delivery with the 'pre-ownership' mode. This feature allows you to set up and customise your profile, watch tutorial videos, and review model manuals, ensuring you're fully prepared for your new BMW's arrival.

How to Maintain and Service your BMW Electric Vehicle

When you collect your new BMW EV, we'll provide you with al the information you need to ensure you're confidence in maintaining your new pride and joy, we'll also help you connect to the My BMW App. This powerful tool helps you stay on top of your car's maintenance schedule, providing reminders and various options for servicing.

With the My BMW App, you can also purchase BMW Digital Premium for seamlessly integrated entertainment apps, receive speed camera alerts, access real-time traffic information, use enhanced maps, enable adaptive cruise control and many more exciting features.

Make the most of your BMW EV by staying informed and connected.

Download the My BMW App here.

Where can I charge my BMW Electric Vehicle in my local area?

Using the My BMW App, you can easily locate charging stations near you or along your route. The app gives you a variety of options and real-time updates on charger availability, opening hours and the charging type and speed.

Charging your BMW EV is simple - simply plug the cable in to your car, tap your card and wait for the blue light to confirm charge has initiated. You can then track the progress whilst you wait within the My BMW App

You can also schedule stops based on charging availability when planning a journey using the route planner, which will suggest optimum stopping points based on battery range. 

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