BMW Electric Car and Plug-in Hybrid Range

The BMW range now includes a wide range of electric-powered vehicles from plug-in hybrid saloons and electric hatchbacks to electric SUV cars

BMW Electric Cars and Plug-in Hybrid Cars


BMW Electric Vehicle cost saving calculator

Choose a BMW Plug-in Hybrid or BMW Electric vehicle that best suits your style and see what you could save. Compare a BMW Plug-in Hybrid vehicle against a similar BMW petrol or diesel model across three pre-selected average journeys. Alternatively, explore the BMW Electric range and use the all-electric calculator to personalise your mileage and mile per gallon criteria to discover your indicative fuel savings.

BMW i7 Saloon

The all new BMW i7 Saloon will leave you with an unforgettable motoring experience.

Key features include:

✔ From 0 to 62mph in only 4.7 seconds
✔ Over 382 miles range
✔ Crystal headlights and illuminated BMW ‘Iconic Glow’ kidney grille
✔ Luxurious lounge atmosphere in the interior with individual My Modes
✔ 14.9" BMW curved display
✔ Rear doors with integrated touchscreens
✔ Bowers and Wilkins Diamond surround system

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BMW i5

The New BMW i5 is coming to our Inchcape BMW dealerships coming this Autumn. The all-electric BMW i5 allows you to cover a distance of up to 357 miles on a full charge. Enjoy the open-top-atmosphere in every seat with the panoramic glass roof. 

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Introducing the first fully electric family SUV, the BMW iX1 is packed with its functionality and versatility.

Key features of the all new BMW iX1 include the following features: 

✔ Self-assured presence on the exterior including the monolithic design language and distinctive proportions
✔ Active seats with massage and lumbar function for fatigue-free sitting comfort
✔ Modern multimedia cockpit due to the innovative BMW Curved Display with touch and voice control concept
✔ Range of up to 270 miles to provide full flexibility

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BMW ix


Elegant touches make the new BMW iX unlike any other vehicle. Embracing a futuristic and streamlined shape, it combines minimal flat surfaces with expressive elements, such as the slender twin headlights and rear lights (the slimmest introduced on a series BMW) to reveal pure confidence. Other elements of style include the exterior mirrors, electric integrated door openers and a graphic window, which are all harmoniously integrated with the overall appearance. It’s the face of a new generation.

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BMW i3

The BMW i3 marks a new era in sustainable mobility, so your driving has less impact on the world around you. Explore all-electric range of up to 182 to 188 miles.

Approximately 27 used plastic bottles go into every car to form parts of the seats and doors. The BMW i3 is manufactured in BMW'S state-of-the-art Leipzig plant, in which the production line runs entirely on renewable wind power. 

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BMW i3s

Benefits of driving an electric BMW

Electric Versus Hybrid

Instead of a traditional combustion engine, an all-electric car is powered solely by an electric motor, which is battery-powered. Some of the benefits include:
  • Electricity is significantly cheaper than petrol and diesel
  • Electric motors produce zero driving CO2 emissions
  • With less weight, electric cars are more energy-efficient than traditional cars.
  • No fuel duty is incurred on electricity used for recharging
  • Zero emission vehicles valued under £40,000 are exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty (VED)
  • Lower VAT (5%) is applied to the electricity used in recharging.
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If you’re looking to enjoy the best of both worlds, a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) is just the car you need. Offering both a combustion engine, powered either by petrol or diesel, and a battery-powered motor for assistance or pure electric driving, PHEVs provide a raft of specific benefits these include: 
  • BMW Plug-in Hybrids are classed as low emission vehicles
  • Savings on annual road tax or company car tax
  • Electricity is cheaper than petrol or diesel
  • Almost silent driving experience
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