World EV Day

Celebrate and learn more about electric mobility

World EV Day Returns - 9th September 2022.

What is World EV Day?

World EV Day returns on 9th September 2022 with the aim of once again promoting sustainable mobility through building awareness and encouraging people to make their next car purchase an electric one. 

World EV Day is a global movement which celebrates electric mobility and help businesses and individuals with the move from combustion engine cars to more sustainable electric models. 

The event is recognized and celebrated by governments, automotive manufacturers, businesses and individuals across the globe. 

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Explore Electric and Hybrid with Inchcape

With new and exciting electric models being launched all the time the number of cars to choose from is making the shift easier and more convenient. 

Drive an electric car and you can benefit from lower running costs and servicing costs, free charging or parking at some locations and a more responsive driving experience that is also more refined and relaxing.

Pure EVs reduce local air pollution as no emissions are released by the car as you drive along plus with a range of EV tariffs it is easier to find renewable electricity which is cost effective to recharge your electric car with. 

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