The Definitive Guide to UK Tourist Attraction Costs

The cost of family days out can be staggering, especially when you’ve got two or more children in tow. As lucky as we are to get so much quality time with our kids in the summer months, keeping them entertained during the school holidays can be a hefty cost.

In 2016, American Express reported that summer holidays cost the average British family £640 – and that’s only accounting the cost of activities and treats.

We’ve analysed the costs associated with tourist attractions around the UK, to help families find the most cost-effective days out, near home and on staycations.

This guide includes all major theme parks, zoos, National Trust houses and castles as well as any associated entry or parking costs at the most popular beaches around the country. Explore our interactive map below to find out more.

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Planning in advance and purchasing tickets ahead of time, instead of forking out on the gate, could make you significant savings.

If a family of four (two adults and two children, aged under 12) were to visit each attraction the regional comparisons for the cheapest days out would look something like this…

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