Five Steps to Summer-Proof Your Car

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy. As the temperatures start to soar and blue skies illuminate our days to make us all feel that bit happier, you can make things even easier during the warmer months by thinking ahead. Here are five of the best ways you can summer-proof your car. 

1. Boost your air con

One of the first things we do when the mercury starts to rise is switch on our air conditioning. However, as most of us don’t use it at all over Winter - and even during autumn and spring - you might need to give your air con a service to make sure it’s firing on all cylinders. It doesn’t usually cost much for an air con recharge, and it’s a good idea to get it done every couple of years to keep your best defence against the heat in great shape.

2. Day pack

Summer is the best time for going on impromptu trips, whether you can drive to a nearby beach, river or picnic spot to enjoy some warm sunshine. We all know the weather in the UK can be somewhat unpredictable, so why not keep a day pack in your car so you’re always prepared. You could keep a couple of towels, a blanket for sitting on and even your swimming gear in there, so there’s no need to head home and pack up when you feel like being spontaneous.

3. Sun blinds

Although the little ones in the back are likely to be excited at the prospect of a fun day out or holiday in the car, you’re going to want to keep them comfortable too. Get some window blinds that pull down easily to stop the sun getting in your kids' eyes or overheating them. For an even sharper look, like with the Range Rover Evoque, you can add integrated sunshades for your side windows and rear tailgate as part of the accessories included when you customise your car.

4. Summer service

Whether you’re going on a road trip for the afternoon or heading abroad for your summer holiday, you don’t want your car to let you down when you should be enjoying yourself. Keeping on top of your car’s maintenance is the perfect way to protect against the rising temperatures, and avoid becoming one of those poor souls stuck by the side of the motorway on a beautiful summer’s day. From topping up fluids like coolant and oil to monitoring tyre condition and pressures, there’s a lot you can do to keep the tow truck at bay. 
For a full once-over that’ll give you total piece of mind, why not book a service with Inchcape today?

5. Park smart

Whatever steps you take to get your car ready for summer, where you leave it when you’re not at the wheel can be just as crucial. Whether you’re at home or out exploring, park in the shade to stop it from overheating. If there’s no way of keeping your car out of the sun, try things like sunshades for your windscreen, cracking windows or your sunroof slightly, and popping cloths or towels over your steering wheel and seats, which can be particularly useful if you have a leather interior.