Sick Car Syndrome

The causes of Sick Car Syndrome and how to prevent it.

Prevent the spread of germs.

What is Sick Car Syndrome?

We all keep our homes clean, regularly tidying and disinfecting but we often neglect our cars of the same treatment. Germs can build up just as quickly in our cars, in which we spend our time, eating, and touching the inside surfaces. 

In fact the air inside your car could be up to 10 times more polluted than that outside the car and prolonged exposure could cause Sick Car Syndrome. 


What Causes Sick Car Syndrome?

Sick Car Syndrome is primarily caused by poor car hygiene but is enhanced by a car’s air conditioning system. When an air conditioner switches off after use, a small pool of condensation forms which creates the ideal conditions for mould and mildew to grow. When the system is turned back on the air blows over the mould and is carried into the cabin in which the germs will start to multiply. 

Symptoms of Sick Car Syndrome can include: 

Chest Tightening 
Eye Irritation

How To Prevent It

Regular car servicing will also help to prevent Sick Car Syndrome. Inchcape offers and Air Conditioning Refresh Service from just £29.99. 

This service is designed to sanitise and disinfect, kill bacteria, eliminate odours, improve air conditioning efficiency and prevent Sick Car Syndrome.
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One way to help prevent Sick Car Syndrome is to perform basic car hygiene and routines:

  • Regularly clean the interior to remove crumbs/food.
  • Clean up spills straight away.
  • Be aware of odours and check their source.
  • Shampoo the interior.
  • Check for leaks and ensure any moisture in the car dries.
  • Regularly use the air conditioning system to help prevent mould build up in the system.

Almost all modern cars will feature an air filter which captures dirt, soot and pollen. However, technology developed by brands such as Mercedes-Benz with their Air Balance System use fragrances which can be plugged into the air conditioning to help prevent odours. Part of the system is increased filtration of the air. 

Volkswagen has developed a system called “Air Car Climatronic” which keeps pollen, fungal spores and pollution from entering the cabin. The system uses an air quality sensor and ensures the air entering the cabin is always as clean as possible.