Preparing Your Car For Summer

What to look out for.

The checks to make to ensure you are ready for summer.

Summer Checks

Coolant is vital to help prevent an engine freezing or over heating. Oil is also important not only to cool the engine but also to keep it lubricated and running efficiently. 

Therefore, it is important to check both. To check the coolant, open the bonnet and find the coolant tank. There should be a min and max level marks and the coolant should be between those. If it is not, pop over to your local Inchcape Service Centre. 

To check the oil, open the bonnet and find the dipstick. Pull this out and clean it, now re-insert into the engine and pull out again. The oil level mark should be between the min and max markings. Or if you car does not have a dipstick follow the in-car instructions to check the oil level. If the oil is too low, then top it up with the correct oil for your vehicle or head to your nearest Inchcape Service Centre. 

Contact Inchcape for your vehicle check and servicing requirements. 

The condition of your tyres directly impacts your safety whilst driving, therefore it is important to regularly check them. 

Check for any damage to them such as cuts and bulges. Then check the tread, the legal requirement is at least 1.6mm but is recommended to change your tyres at 3mm. A way to check the tread is to use a 20p coin as its outer edge is approximately 1.6mm. 

Next you should check the pressure. You can reference what the pressures are supposed to be by looking at the owner's manual or the sticker in the door shuts. Then either use a hand pump, air pump or pump found at a service station to check the pressures are at the correct PSI. 

Contact Inchcape for your vehicle check and servicing requirements. 

You may not think you need wipers in the summer but they are legal requirement. So check the operation of your windscreen wipers and ensure they effectively clear and clean the windscreen. 

You should also check the washer fluid bottle is topped up to ensure you are able to clean bugs and other debris from the windscreen. 

Contact Inchcape for your vehicle check and servicing requirements. 


Air Conditioning

In hot weather air conditioning seems like less of luxury and more of a necessity to ensure you stay comfortable and safe. 

To check your car's air conditioning is working, Turn the temperature to its coldest setting and turn the fans up to maximum. If the air blows ice cold then the system is working. If not it is worth getting your car checked by Inchcape as we offer an Air Conditioning Refresh Service from just £29.99. 

This service is designed to sanitise and disinfect, kill bacteria, eliminate odours, improve air conditioning efficiency and effectiveness.

Book an Air Conditioning Refresh Service today. 

Safety Equipment

When covering longer journeys in the summer it is important to ensure you are prepared by having the following items in your car: 

  • Waring triangle 
  • High visibility vests
  • Torch
  • Engine oil
  • First aid kit
  • Puncture repair kit 
By having these items in your car you can reduce the risk of breaking down and help decrease recovery times if you do break down. Most of these items can be purchased online or at an auto parts retailer.


Driving Abroad

If you plan to drive into Europe this summer there are further checks you should make. As some countries have specific rules as to the equipment you must carry in your car. For example in Spain you must have a spare wheel or puncture repair kit and many European countries require you to have a reflective jacket and spare light bulbs. Therefore, check the laws in the country you plan to visit or countries you will be driving through. 

You will also need to ensure that you are insured to take your car abroad, decide if you need to take out extra breakdown cover and check if you need an International Driving Permit.