Keeping My Personalised Number Plate: FAQs

If you’re thinking of changing your car, one thing you might need to do is move your private number plate across from the old one to the new. Our FAQs answer the most common questions people may have.

How do I transfer my private plate from one car to another?

It’s a two-step process, and you can do it all online. Alternatively, you can submit form V317 to the DVLA by post. 

You need to first remove it from the old car, and then apply it to the new one. If you don’t have a new car to put it onto, you will receive a V778 ‘Retention Document’. This is different to the V750 ‘Certificate of Entitlement’ that you get when you first buy a private registration (and haven’t yet applied it to a car).

How much does it cost?

Transferring from one car to another, or moving the registration number onto retention, costs £80.

What are the rules?

Dateless registrations can be used on any car
You can’t use a dated registration to make your car appear newer (e.g. putting a registration number from 2001, like MR 51MON, on a car from 1990)
You can’t put a cherished plate on a Q-registered car

How long do certificates of entitlement last?

If you first bought your cherished registration after 2015, your certificate is valid for 10 years. If you’ve had your plate longer, you might have to renew more often.

Do I have to use a cherished plate straight away?

No. When you buy a private plate, you’ll be sent a V750 ‘Certificate of Entitlement’ that’s valid for up to 10 years. If you put it on a car, it’s automatically valid for as long as it’s in use. If you don’t have a car to put it on after 10 years, you can apply to extend it for a further 10 years, free of charge.

It’s worth pointing out that if you purchased your registration before April 2015, your V750 might last much less than 10 years.

How do I sell a personalised number plate?

There are many personalised number plate dealers, and they will give you a valuation for your number plate. Once you’ve agreed a price, they can take you through the process.

You can’t sell your cherished number plate to another individual privately. You can only buy a cherished plate directly from the DVLA or through a dealer.

How does insurance work during the changeover?

You will need a certificate with your new car’s ‘non-private’ plate on for any period before the changeover is confirmed by the DVLA. This has always been a bit problematic, and it’s one of the reasons that online changes were introduced. Online changes can be instant, meaning you could skip this step.