Mercedes AMG E63 4Matic and E63 S 4Matic

AMG's aim is to take the sensible and well-built Mercedes-Benz models, and then add a dynamic and exciting feel that only AMG can provide.

Now it is adding extra power and performance to the excellent E-Class version, the E63, to make the most powerful E-Class ever. Introducing a number of upgrades to the powertrain and inner workings of the E-Class, these new souped-up models have 571hp for the E63 and 612hp for the E63 S.

This increase in power means the 0-60mph time for the E63 is down to 3.4 seconds, whilst the more powerful E63 S gets to 60mph in just 3.3 seconds. Both are limited to 155mph, but with the limiter taken off with the AMG Driver’s pack, both can reach a top speed of 186mph, an impressive feat for the executive saloon.

To help reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency, the AMG cylinder management system switches on when the driver is using the 'Comfort' mode and turns off four of the eight cylinders. However, when the driver needs all of the V8's power, the switch from four to eight is seamless.

The 4Matic+ all-wheel drive system has been newly engineered to offer better torque distribution and a more adaptable feel that can sense changing grip levels to ensure you stay on the road.

AMG Dynamic Select allows you to choose the feel you want from the car, and in 'Comfort', 'Sport', 'Sport Plus' or 'Individual' modes, you will find the right performance you are looking for. With other AMG updates, such as sports steering, high performance braking system and reinforced body work, you know that this car can perform at high speeds when needed.

For even more exclusivity, Mercedes-AMG are offering the E63 S 4Matic+ 'Edition 1', which introduces AMG Performance seats, night black magno paint and other design features to make the souped-up E-Class stand out even more.

Both the new E63 and E63 S are now available to order from your nearest Inchcape Mercedes-Benz Centre. Contact them if you require any more information on these new E-Class models.