Maintaining your BMW

BMW's dynamic, high quality designs mean that your car has been crafted to need an absolute minimum of maintenance. However, to protect its warranty, increase its resale value, and ensure its continued superior performance, it is important to implement maintenance in line with BMW's recommendations.

Here are some key areas of BMW maintenance that you should be aware of:


Genuine BMW Parts

At all of our dealerships, maintenance is carried out by BMW trained technicians who follow strict procedures, and only use high quality Genuine BMW Parts .

Ensuring the consistently high condition of your car means using the best components available, and that’s why any of the 20,000 parts you'll find in your vehicle are stamped with the Genuine BMW Signature. In addition to this, every component comes with a two-year fitted parts warranty, and the promise of continually improving parts sourced directly from BMW themselves.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance

The innovative design of the air conditioning system in your BMW works to remove 80% of the deposits from traffic fumes, prevents mould and also regulates the internal temperature of your vehicle. With such a crucial job to do, we recommend you consider some of our high quality maintenance options to keep it at optimum running capacity.

For musty odours, opt for the BMW Air Conditioning Refresh, which includes:

  • The cleaning and disinfecting of the air duct system
  • The cleaning and disinfection of the evaporator
  • The finishing treating of your BMW interior and the air vents

If you find that your air conditioning fails to reach the desired temperature, or takes too long to do so, opt for the BMW Air Conditioning Recharge, which includes:

  • Checking the entire system for any leaks
  • The refrigerant being drained
  • The refrigerant and the lubricant both being recharged
  • Checking of the system operating pressures

BMW Emergency Services

Designed to provide assistance for motoring emergencies, the BMW Emergency Service is valid on all new BMW cars purchased from an authorised BMW Dealer within the UK for a period of three years from the original date of vehicle registration, or for 12 months from purchase for all Approved Used BMW cars.

This service has multiple benefits including:

  • Car hire
  • Roadside assistance
  • Vehicle recovery
  • Redelivery

BMW Emergency Service is designed to offer a premium recovery for your vehicle, and will take your car to an Authorised BMW Dealer to ensure service of the highest standard.

BMW drivers have access to an array of Emergency Service centres, manned 24 hours a day, every day of the year, by teams of staff who are highly experienced and speak a multitude of languages for your ease.

If you require any assistance, or to check whether your cover is valid, please contact BMW Customer Information Service on 0800 325 600.



Your BMW will require a standard MOT inspection of over 150 safety-related systems once it is over three years old. Thanks to the engineering standards that BMW uphold, passing should be a simple formality. If a problem does occur, however, you can rest assured that your local Cooper BMW Dealer will have an expert team of staff with specialised BMW training on hand to resolve the issue.

Following the pass of your vehicle, you will receive the official VT20 certificate as a receipt of your MOT, plus any recommended additional work listed on the advisory notice of the VT32 document.

In the unlikely event that your car fails its first MOT, the reassurance of BMW's complimentary MOT Protect service means that the cost of repairs, replacements and labour are covered. We know that a fuss-free return of your vehicle is important, which is why any issues will be addressed promptly and completely free of charge.

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BMW Valet

Whether it's to ensure potential resale value, or just because you're exceptionally proud of your BMW, maintaining the appearance of your vehicle is sure to be one of your primary interests.

A specialist team of staff use Genuine BMW Car Care products to gently removed dirt and grime on both the inside and outside of your car, which not only vastly improves the aesthetics but helps to protect the paintwork, trim and upholstery from damage.


BMW Approved Tyres

As with all of the components that make up your BMW, each part is carefully designed and developed to ensure maximum results. As your tyres are the only contact your BMW has with the road, continued maintenance is crucial.

BMW tyres are designed in collaboration with leading tyre manufacturers, and offer specific features that you simply cannot receive from other tyre alternatives. All of the force from your drive is transferred through these small strips of rubber, and regularly replacing your tyres not only ensures your safety but the performance of your vehicle too.

For a wide range of tyres approved by BMW, visit your local Cooper BMW dealership, and they will be fitted with the speed and expertise that you come to expect from a team of elite BMW trained staff.

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We know your BMW is important to you, so keeping it in top condition, and running at optimum performance is a priority for you. That’s why we’re here every step of the way.

To find out more about BMW maintenance, please contact your nearest Cooper BMW dealership.