Why the Land Rover Discovery SVX is Going to Break All the Rules

SUVs are extremely popular in the UK and all around the world; with their imposing styling, elevated ride height, strong practicality and all-terrain ability appealing to many drivers. At a time when CO2 emissions, fuel economy and alternative fuels are at the forefront, Land Rover’s new Discovery SVX breaks the rules and is an immensely exciting addition to the 4x4 world. How so?

Styled with intent

Land Rover’s latest and decidedly curvier fifth generation Discovery looks imposing and alluring enough as it is, particularly from the front and sides, but the SVX takes the kudos factor to a whole new level. Hearts will beat faster beholding a Discovery SVX in the flesh. This beast means business and its styling leaves no doubt that this is a very special and even more energetic Discovery. The combination of Tectonic Grey satin finish paint and Lunar and Light Oyster two-tone interior looks stunning, especially with Rush Orange features outside and in, helping it stand out even further wherever it goes. On closer inspection, the Narvik Black side vents, V8 badges, additional light pods, menacing black 20” alloys and chunky off-road tyres give the game away. 

This is the most capable Discovery set to be produced, combining almost Defender-like off-road ability with the luxury the Land Rover brand is synonymous with. With a raised-up chassis and the ability to become even loftier courtesy of four-corner air suspension, Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations’ (SVO) treatment has created a Discovery that tears up the rulebook by proudly shouting about its dimensions and what lies beneath.

Go anywhere (in beautiful comfort)

The Land Rover Discovery SVX is unafraid to be different on the inside, too, combining a mix of differently-coloured materials that provide luxury and style while being easy to clean after any off the beaten track adventures. Lunar and Light Oyster seats with Rush Orange accents and X perforations instantly make this very special Discovery’s cabin utterly unique.

Everything about this muscular SUV screams ruggedness, right down to the thick grade of rubber used on the high-sided footwell mats and the boot-liner. With seven full seats, plenty of luggage space, a pistol gear shifter for sportier driving moments, plus JLR’s Touch Pro system and all its gadgetry, the Discovery SVX proves that luxury and the latest in infotainment really can be blended with unbeatable practicality and the ability to drive across the world’s toughest terrains.

Power in plentiful measure

The Land Rover Discovery SVX breaks all the rules when it comes to its engine, too. Instead of ‘downsizing’ with a small petrol engine partnered by a turbocharger, or a diesel engine engineered with maximum efficiency in mind, the SVX will satisfy traditional SUV-lovers with its V8 powerplant. It’s a 5-litre 525bhp supercharged unit, no less, producing mighty impressive torque of 625Nm. This kind of power combined with its awesome Terrain Response 2 off-road capabilities will enable the SVX to conquer the toughest terrain the world can throw at it. The pistol shifter will also ensure an exciting drive on the open road, too, with eight gears, a 0-60mph sprint time of just 5.3 seconds and a top speed of 100mph. This is one incredible vehicle that defies current rules and trends.

In numbers…


Land Rover Discovery SVX



Top Speed(mph)


0 – 60mph in….(seconds)


Styled ruggedly with huge, chunky tyres and plenty of exquisite detailing that accentuates its size and abilities, Land Rover’s Discovery SVX is set to be one of the most exciting and exclusive SUVs on the road.

Bucking current trends, it features a mighty 5-litre V8 engine capable of propelling it along in a manner that defies its dimensions, and it will put the cat among the pigeons off the beaten track, too, with awesome all-terrain prowess. Stay tuned to news from Inchcape Land Rover to keep informed.