Why the Jaguar I-Pace Will Be the Ultimate Electric SUV

Having been given its official global debut at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show, the hugely anticipated Jaguar I-Pace is unarguably the most desirable all-electric SUV in the world and is sure to turn countless heads in admiration when it appears shortly on various countries’ roads - including right here in the UK.

Introduced at a time when the government, environmental organisations, the automotive industry and other voices are increasingly encouraging motorists to switch to electric vehicles where feasible, the I-Pace isn’t just a monumentally important car for this heralded and blossoming British prestige car brand but for the global motor industry as a whole.

Until now, the only electric SUV on the market has been Elon Musk’s futuristically-styled offering with its falcon wing doors and aerodynamically focussed silhouette, while Audi will introduce an all-electric SUV later this year with aesthetics that closely resemble the current Q7. Jaguar has therefore timed the I-Pace adeptly, arriving at the proverbial party at an excellent moment and wowing onlookers with its thoroughly modern but universally embraceable design.

The I-Pace looks simply stunning

Jaguar has decided endearingly to ensure that the production version of its all-electric I-Pace SUV remains true to the captivating concept that the marque originally showcased at the 2016 Los Angeles Motor Show. While its grille and headlights may take cues from Jaguar’s equally beautiful F-Pace and E-Pace SUVs, the I-Pace has its own distinct general identity with a resolutely coupé-like overall aura and a cab-forward stance. Inspired in part by the C-X75 supercar, the I-Pace’s futuristic yet timeless low-slung bonnet and strong profile lines flow towards an almost daringly horizontal rear that works well in the flesh to give this historic British electric crossover a sporty demeanour.

Exquisite details are to be expected from Jaguar and the I-Pace features slim double J-blade lights at the front while the wide and shallow taillight clusters house a cutting-edge interpretation of the brand’s distinct ‘roundel’, which has been squared off. While the market’s previously sole electric SUV more closely resembles a practical MPV in many ways, and the forthcoming Audi debutant will carry traditionally boxy SUV proportions, the Jaguar I-Pace is the ultimate SUV in the looks department. It boasts an achingly beautiful design blending futuristic, sporty and heritage elements into a highly desirable package finished with Jaguar’s much-coveted badge.

It has a cutting-edge and intuitive interior

Discerning car-buyers have varying tastes and not all relish the idea of gullwing-style doors that open upwards, so the Jaguar I-Pace immediately appeals with its conventional doors that nevertheless provide access to a very special interior indeed. Blending sporty driver engagement and Jaguar’s other hallmark of luxury craftsmanship with the latest digital technology, Britain’s first ever all-electric luxury SUV may seat five adults rather than seven, but it excels in every area. The I-Pace’s cab-forward design translates into impressive levels of room in both the front and rear, and while a large touchscreen unsurprisingly holds centre stage on the dashboard, Jaguar has taken the well-judged decision to incorporate manually-operated climate, gear selection, suspension, and certain other controls on the car’s tantalising floating centre console rather than house everything behind a digital interface.

Supreme comfort, practicality and tranquillity are strong points of the I-Pace’s interior ethos and the impressively generous 656-litre boot is even complimented by an additional 27 litres under the bonnet. Everyone from gadget-loving parents and children to businesspeople on the move will delight in the I-Pace’s technological offerings, from the two exquisite touchscreens, intelligent navigation system and Connect Pro package, to the Meridian sound system and advanced safety features.

Vital statistics and the I-Pace once again triumphs

Jaguar’s pivotal electric SUV is capable of sprinting to 60mph in a mere 4.5 seconds making it faster than the 75kWh and non-ludicrous 100kWh variants of its American rival. The Brit’s all-wheel drive powertrain comprises a 90kWh battery plus an electric motor at the front and the rear each producing up to 200PS and 348Nm torque and a combined power output of 400PS and 696Nm.

Developed by Jaguar engineers who also worked on the marque’s I-TYPE Formula E racing car, the I-Pace electric SUV is incredibly efficient, lightweight and optimised for engaging handling, complete with zero tailpipe emissions. Weighing from 2,133kg, the Jaguar is considerably lighter than its current sole rival which, in 75D guise, has a range of 259 miles compared to the I-Pace’s WLTP range of up to 298 miles.

In range-topping HSE trim and hence priced from around £81,495, the Jaguar I-Pace is once again the ultimate electric SUV, representing a more affordable route into luxury zero emissions SUV motoring while forcing no compromises. In entry-level but nevertheless finely-appointed ‘S’ trim, the British electric SUV is even more compellingly priced, starting from around just £63,495.

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