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Mercedes-Benz EQE in silver

The Complete Guide To The Mercedes-Benz EQE

A guide to the all-electric, luxury EQE

Everything you need to know about the Mercedes-Benz EQE

Welcome to our 'Complete Guide' series in which Chris from Inchcape discovers everything you need to know about owning one of our featured cars.

This week Chris tests the Mercedes-Benz EQE. Find out more with our Inchcape guide to the EQE and why it might be the perfect electric executive saloon.

Introducing The Mercedes-Benz EQE

The Mercedes-Benz EQE is the latest all-electric model joining the Mercedes-EQ family. The EQE is an executive saloon which borrows much of the styling and technology from the EQS but in a more compact body and at a lower price. 

The EQE continues the progress made by the EQS and other EQ models. It features the very latest electric drivetrain technology, safety features and in-car technology. The technology showcased in the EQE includes: HEPA air filtration, remote parking, digital light, aura soundscapes and MBUX.

The Mercedes-Benz EQE is made with over 75kg of recycled or renewable materials and the model is one of the first vehicles with bodyshell components of 100% recycled steel which reduces CO2 emissions for the semi-finished product by more than 60%.

Discover the EQE in more detail in our guide or click to view the EQE model page.

Mercedes-Benz EQE in silver

Mercedes-Benz EQE in silver

Living With An EQE

The Mercedes-Benz EQE stays true to the Mercedes-EQ DNA. 

The exterior features the striking one-bow design seen on the EQS which gives a coupe-like silhouette to the car. The flowing design is complemented with the flush fitting door handles which pop out when the car is unlocked, frameless doors, the black panel radiator grille, AMG body styling and LED lighting technology. At the rear of the car is the familiar EQ light bar at the rear which features a curved 3D helix. 

The EQE will also be available as an EQE 43 AMG and EQE 53 AMG model, these add aggressive styling, wheel designs and the uprated electric motors to give a true AMG driving experience. The EQE 53 AMG can accelerate from 0-62mph in 3.5 seconds.

Whichever trim you choose the smooth design of the EQE gives it low drag which combined with the latest battery technology allows for an electric range of up to 394 miles from a single charge. Plus the EQE can be recharged in 32 minutes.

Experience the EQE for yourself by arranging a test drive at Inchcape Mercedes-Benz.

The interior of the EQE is as stunning and ground breaking as the exterior design, packed with technology, style and luxury, you instantly recognise it as the interior of a Mercedes-Benz. The EQE combines technical innovation and modern aesthetics with high-quality materials and excellent workmanship to ensure a wow factor every time you get into the car.

The digital cockpit combines a 12.3" digital driver's display with a central screen supporting MBUX measuring 12.8". Both screens are quick to respond, with super clear graphics, an accurate voice assistant and MBUX learns what you need when. The central screen uses OLED technology for high resolution seen previously only on premium TVs. 

Elements such as the premium stitching, use of metal and wood trims and active ambient lighting complete the luxury feel.

Experience the EQE for yourself by arranging a test drive at Inchcape Mercedes-Benz.

The EQE felt like any other Mercedes-Benz to drive with familiar controls, the easy to use MBUX system and a good view out. It is easy to drive smoothly as well with easy to judge controls. The radars are constantly aware of the road and traffic so adapt the brake regeneration as needed which allows you to drive with one pedal barely ever needing to use the physical brakes.

One of the most incredible aspects of the car when driving is the ride comfort. The suspension irons out all road imperfections, even puddles are not noticeable, yet at the same time the EQE is dynamic feeling with little body roll. This combined with the electric drivetrain which provides a luxury experience due to its refinement ensures an incredible experience which leaves you feeling refreshed. 

The EQS 350+ we drove has 284bhp and 416lb ft which allows the EQE to accelerate from 0-62mph in 6.4 seconds. The 53 AMG variant can accelerate from 0-62mph in just 3.8 seconds. 

Experience the EQE for yourself by arranging a test drive at Inchcape Mercedes-Benz.

Driving Modes

Using DYNAMIC SELECT the characteristics of the powertrain, ESP, suspension and steering can be adapted. The EQE defaults to comfort which provides a balanced feel which prioritises luxury, but there is also sport which maximises performance, eco which maximises range and individual which lets you configure the different elements of the car. Once a selection has been made there is acoustic and visual feedback.

Learn more about DYNAMIC SELECT in Inchcape's guide. 
Mercedes-Benz EQE in silver

Mercedes-Benz EQE in silver

EQE Trim Levels

The Mercedes-Benz EQE comes in stylish AMG trim as standard. 

Standard equipment includes:
  • 19" AMG Alloy Wheels
  • AMG Brushed Stainless Steel Pedals
  • AMG Bodystyling
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Heated Front Seats
  • HEPA Air Filter
  • Panoramic Sunroof
  • Privacy Glass
  • LED Headlights
Click below to view our latest electric Mercedes-Benz offers.

With added luxury.

Standard equipment in addition includes:
  • 20" AMG Alloy Wheels
  • Ambient Lighting Plus
  • Powered Bootlid
  • Driving Assistance Package
  • Memory Seat Package
Click below to view our latest electric Mercedes-Benz offers.

The top of the range AMG trim. 

Standard equipment in addition includes:
  • 21" AMG Alloy Wheels
  • Acoustic Comfort Package
  • Burmester Sound System
  • Head-Up Display
  • Heated Windscreen
  • MBUX Interior Assistant
  • Remote Parking Function
Click below to view our latest electric Mercedes-Benz offers.

The most luxurious EQE.

Standard equipment in addition includes:
  • 20" Alloy Wheels
  • Climatised Front Seats
  • Comfort Seats
  • Electric Art Interior
  • Heated Steering Wheel
  • Graphite Grey Exterior Details
Click below to view our latest electric Mercedes-Benz offers.

Charging Process

No you don’t, in fact the quickest charging happens between 20-80%, so frequent top ups within this range can be more convenient and preserve battery health. 

Fully charging the battery will however give you the maximum range for longer journeys. The battery is designed to last the lifetime of the car even with frequent charges outside of the 20-80% range.

The EQE can be charged from 20-80% capacity in just 3 minutes using a 150kW rapid charger.

Click below to discover the entire Mercedes-Benz electric and hybrid range.

To charge the EQE you simply open the charging port which is located under a flap like a fuel cap on the rear panel of the car. 

Then either use the charging cable supplied with the car or the charging cable attached to the charging station and insert the cable into the car. Follow the instructions on the charging station such as payment instructions and confirmation, then check the car is charging by ensuring the charging icon led has turned green. 

Lock the car and leave it to charge. When returning simply unlock the car and use the unlock button next to the charging port to remove the cable. If the cable belongs to the car return to the boot.

If you use Mercedes Me Charge you simply plug in and the car charges and the energy is 100% renewable. You can use Mercedes Me Charge for free for the first year of ownership and this provides access to over 500,000 charging points.

Click below to discover the entire Mercedes-Benz electric and hybrid range.

The fastest charging takes place between 20-80% battery capacity, outside of these charging is slower to protect the battery. Other factors also affect the charging rate such as – temperature (colder temperatures slow charging rate), the charging rate and the size of the battery. The EQE supports rapid charging up to 170kW. 

Charging from 0% to 100% can take: 
• At home with a 3-pin plug, 44 hours to charge, giving 8 miles per hour charged. 
• Home wallbox, 27 hours, 13 miles per hour charged. 
• 7kW Public charger, 15 hours, 25 miles per hour charged. 
• 22kW Public charger, 5 hours, 39 miles per hour charged. 

From 20%-80% rapid charging:
50kW Public charger, 80 minutes, 88 miles per 30 minutes charged.
150kW Public charger, 30 minutes, 264 miles per 30 minutes charged.

Click below to discover the entire Mercedes-Benz electric and hybrid range.

At home to work out how much it will cost to charge your car, check the battery’s capacity and your electricity rate. Assuming an energy tariff of 28p/kWh it would cost £26.60 to charge the EQE from 0-100% capacity, this means the EQE costs approx. 8p per mile to run.

It is more likely that EQE users will take advantage of rapid charging. At a public charger the costs can vary. Some are free for customers such as Pod-Points at Tesco. Whereas others can cost money, using apps such as Pod-Point and Zap-Map you can see nearby chargers, if they are available and how much they cost. Quite a common cost for public chargers was 30p per kWh or a flat rate connection fee often around £1 then free after. The rapid chargers I found at service stations also cost around 30p per kWh which whilst costing more than at home is much quicker to charge and still costs less than running a combustion engine car.

Click below to discover the entire Mercedes-Benz electric and hybrid range.

The EQE can be charged using a Type 2 connector or a CSS connector for rapid charging up to 170kW.

Click below to discover the entire Mercedes-Benz electric and hybrid range.

It may not be possible to have a home charger installed at home due to reasons such as not having off-road parking, renting or having parking not close enough to your home. 

In these situations, it is still possible to run an electric car. In fact, with cars that support rapid charging it may be more beneficial to use a rapid charger once a week to keep the battery topped whilst not inconveniencing the driver. It is most convenient to charge an electric car where it is parked (which is almost 95% of the time for a car), using chargepoints at these locations. For most people this is at home, but other frequent destinations may also have chargepoints such as work, shopping centres and leisure centres. Then less frequent longer journeys can benefit from on-route rapid chargers found at service stations. 

Workplace charging and charging as part of a commute such as at a train station car park, in more normal times in particular serves as a good opportunity for people who cannot charge at home. As people often spend over 8 hours at work which is plenty of time to charge the car and most people’s commutes are less than 30 miles. I know that with my commute of 20 miles, I could commute every day of the week in the EQE and only have to completely charge the car once every three to four weeks.

Click below to discover the entire Mercedes-Benz electric and hybrid range.
Mercedes-Benz EQE charging port

Mercedes-Benz EQE in silver

Electric Drivetrain Technology

The EQE is designed to recycle wasted heat in order to save energy and increase range. When waste heat is produced by the powertrain it is used to heat the interior of the car, this means when the exterior temperature is above 5°C no extra heating other than what is produced by the car as a waste product is required. 

With pre-entry climate control you can set the departure time and desired interior temperature in advance to leaving, this means the EQE can heat or cool itself taking the power from the grid not the battery which preserves range. The pre-entry climate control includes the seat heating/cooling as well as the interior air to get the perfect temperature. 

Get in touch today to learn more about the technology in the EQE.

The EQE features intelligent recuperation which can detect vehicles ahead slowing down, predict traffic situations and uses topography to capture as much energy as possible via recuperation without hindering the driving experience. The EQE can be driven using just the accelerator pedal when the recuperation is set in its highest recuperation mode, although the driver can change the amount of recuperation from one pedal driving to a gliding function. 

Get in touch today to learn more about the technology in the EQE.

The EQE has an official range of up to 394 miles. When we drove the car it displayed a range of 200 miles with 50% capacity and with the air conditioning on, so with mixed driving and without adapting your driving style a range of over 390 miles should be realistic. 

However, with the EQE supporting rapid charging at 170kW a recharge from 10-80% takes just 30 minutes which gives total convenience. 

Get in touch today to learn more about the technology in the EQE.

Purchase, Tax and Grants

The Mercedes EQE is only eligible for the Electric Vehicle Chargepoint grant which contributes toward the cost of installing a wall box. The EQE also from £0 road tax and £0 London congestion charge (although a £10 admin fee is still required each year). 

Company car drivers also benefit as the BIK value is 2% for 2022/23 and the following two years at a value of £1,528. Whereas, a Mercedes E-Class  with similar power would have a BIK value of 37%, so the EQE offers big savings. 

Click below to browse the latest Mercedes-Benz Business offers.

Mercedes-Benz EQE in silver

Mercedes-Benz EQE in silver


The Mercedes-Benz EQE uses HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration and sensors to ensure high air quality in the cabin of the EQE. The filter has 99.65% performance which means it can clean the incoming air of pollen, fine dust particles and neutralize unpleasant odours. The system also provides a readout showing the air quality both inside and outside the car.

If the air quality is low outside then the EQE will recommend closing the windows or sliding sunroof. 

Get in touch today to learn more about the technology in the EQE.

The EQE uses the ambient lighting and Burmester sound system to provide soothing Aura soundscapes. These energising sound experiences greet your arrival and accompany your drive. They can be tuned to match your current driving style, your selected drive programme, or your own mood preferences. 

Get in touch today to learn more about the technology in the EQE.

Available on the Premium Plus and Exclusive Luxury trims, DIGITA LIGHT provides a recognisable lighting signature and adapt to the road conditions, other road users and driving style to provide maximum illumination.

The system uses a projection function to display messages and warnings onto the road ahead for the driver and to allow the system to constantly adapt to the conditions.

Get in touch today to learn more about the technology in the EQE.

The EQE features a range of driver assistance systems. ATTENTION ASSIST analyses the driver’s eyelids to ensure the driver is not too tired, there are over 350 sensors in total. The EQE can even warn of a potential collision and intervene to help prevent it if required.

Should a collision take place the EQE has been designed to ensure the battery is crash-protected, plus due to the limited number of moving components the front of the car could be made stronger.

Get in touch today to learn more about the technology in the EQE.


The EQE is built on an electric specific platform which means there is a lot of storage space around the interior, such as the large central storage bin in the centre console, as well as storage under the console and under the front centre armrest. 

In the rear there are large door bins, seatback pockets and a small storage area in the central armrest.

There is space for three adults in the rear and good headroom. 

Opening the electric boot lid and there is 430l of boot space.

Discover the latest Mercedes-Benz offers at Inchcape.

Mercedes-Benz EQE in silver

All-new Mercedes-Benz UK EQE

Mercedes-Benz EQE Verdict

The Mercedes-Benz EQE joins the EQ electric family and offers similar levels of advanced features, style, luxury, quality, and refinement as the more expensive EQS.

The EQE is an excellent car in its own right by offering a quiet, comfortable and effortless driving experience whilst also offering a huge array of technology which makes the EQE smarter and easier to live with. The powertrain has plenty of power, a very usable range of almost 400 miles and rapid charging in 30 minutes limits the compromise of driving electric.

It pushes the boundaries being the most aerodynamic production car, has one of the largest ranges of any electric production car and offers an experience like no other car.  

If you are looking for an electric executive car which offers refinement, technology, power and range you have to consider the EQE.

Enquire now for the latest offers, to ask any questions or to book a test drive.