BMW classics of the future

BMW already have plenty of cars in the ‘classic car’ category thanks to their timeless styling and excellent performance combined with luxury. There is no question that in 20 years’ time, some of the current crop will be classics – and we will all be kicking ourselves for not investing in them while they didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

We’ve had a look at the current cars that BMW offer, dusted off our crystal ball and have come up with a list of cars that one day may be worth some serious money. And if we’re right? You can thank us in 2035….

BMW M4 Coupe

The ‘M’ badge that sits on the back of this M4 suggests why it has the potential to be a classic of the future. You only need to sit inside the cabin to know that this is one of the best cars BMW have ever made. It looks as if it has been handcrafted by angels – be honest, those designers at BMW have worked some real magic to make this car look so attractive. When you drive it, it gets even better – when you flick the car into Sport mode and give it some beans, it goes from Mo Farah to Usain Bolt real fast.

BMW Z4 Roadster

There is always space for a soft top in the list of classic cars – and BMW might have just that in 20 years’ time with the new Z4. It has the classic beauty of a sports car – and when you put your foot down, you’ll see it drives like one, too. Snuggle behind the wheel and it’s pure class. Its long bonnet gives it the look of a car that will steal the heart of many. Can you see yourself cruising along the seafront in years to come, attracting admiring gazes? Yes, us too…

BMW i8

Obviously. The BMW i8 is going to be a classic car of the future because it is a hybrid supercar that is already a classic car of today. It has looks that are insanely cool. It costs £100,000 now for a new one. What will it be worth in 10 years? Twenty years? We reckon it’s the best-looking BMW since the gorgeous M1. And that’s saying something…

BMW 2 Series Coupe

The BMW 2 series is a small and dainty coupe that oozes class from every angle. It has a hint of the popular classic BMW 2002 about it, which means everything is pointing to it being a future classic. The TwinPower turbo engines give it some real soul under the bonnet – you can have a great time driving this car. It’s £22,355 now. What will it be worth over the next two decades? If the value spirals, don’t say we didn’t tell you...