Four Cars We'd Love To See Bond In Next

As we start to look ahead to the 25th James Bond film, set to be released next year under the helm of legendary Brit director Danny Boyle, there’s always one thing we look forward to more than anything else here at Inchcape – finding out what set of wheels 007 will get behind.  We’ve had some real crackers down the years, with some models even receiving rounds of applause in cinemas around the globe. As we try and guess what’s in store for the secret agent in 2019, here are four cars we’d love to see him take on the world in next. 

Audi R8

Did you know that James Bond grew up in Switzerland and Germany until he was 11 years old? Well, now a fully-fledged super spy, it’s time for him to doff his cap to one of his former homelands, and fire up an Audi R8. It might be a good idea to leave his cap on the passenger seat when he’s tearing it up in an R8 Spyder though, as the 5.2-litre V10 engine pumps out 540bhp and can reach speeds of almost 200mph.

BMW i8

One of Bond’s most iconic car sequences came when Pierce Brosnan guided a 7 Series BMW around a multi-storey car park using a handheld remote control. In the most recent film, Spectre, the assassin Mr. Hinx chases 007 in a Jaguar C-X75 hybrid-electric car, and now it’s time for Bond himself to show that he cares about saving the planet in more ways than one. He won’t sacrifice anything in the way of speed or style in choosing the BMW i8 as his next ride.

Jaguar F-Type

Despite his continental upbringing, it’s hard to think of a more quintessentially British character than Bond. It doesn’t get much more British than Jaguar too, and it’s not hard to imagine 007 behind the wheel of a pulsating F-Type. Jaguar’s XJ model has turned up on quite a few occasions in the Bond films, with 007 himself driving M’s in Skyfall - surely he has to get a Jag of his own at some point.

Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series

Aside from a brief cameo appearance from a 911 Turbo in the opening sequence of Die Another Day, Porsches have been distinctly lacking from the line-up of iconic James Bond motors. The world’s most famous spy has shown an ability to change and adapt over the years, and in the Exclusive Series, Porsche have the perfect model for him to rock. We just hope he won’t roll it Casino Royale style, or have it come to an explosive end like the 911 did.