Five Models Set to Go Electric In 2018

As Manchester rockers Oasis once proclaimed: “She’s electric, she’s in a family full of eccentrics.” However, electric driving is no longer an out-there concept that conjures up thoughts of the peculiar and unconventional. In fact, it’s looking more and more likely as the months and years go by that electric cars really are the future of motoring. Here are just some of the most innovative models to hit the market, from the world’s leading manufacturers in 2018.


BMW have been trailblazers in the electric market for a number of years now. Ever since the rock and roll star i8 hybrid was released in 2014, the eyes of the world have been opened up to the possibilities of electrically powered vehicles. We’ve also had the i3, which is a little more suitable if you’re after a hybrid family car.

In 2020 though, the new fully electric BMW i5 will take centre stage. It’ll be a debut for saloons in the German manufacturer’s electric range, and is one of 12 all-electric cars that BMW plan to bring out by 2025. The concept pictures look great, and with a range of 373 miles plus some impressive figures when it comes to speed and power, this is one car we can’t wait to arrive.


A marque that’s at the forefront of autonomous technology as shown by the latest E-Class and S-Class models, Mercedes is right there when it comes to electric power too. Already boasting the eMobility range of hybrids and plug-in hybrids such as the C-Class Estate and E-Class Saloon, in 2018 we can expect the first of the new EQ lineup, which will be an SUV.

EQ stands for “Electric Intelligence”, and the brand will encompass everything from the vehicles themselves to charging points and home energy storage units. With a whole new range of models set to land in the coming years, we’re sure to see the Mercedes vision take off all around the world.


It’s almost a decade since the MINI E was first developed, and finally in 2019 the BMW-owned brand’s bringing out a fully electric version of the perennially popular MINI hatch. Using the same powertrain as the BMW i3, it’ll have a range of almost 200 miles and DC charging capability.

If you can’t wait until the MINI Electric lands, then you can roll with it in the meantime by getting your hands on the MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid. Available now, it’s not a bad idea to go hybrid before committing to fully electric to get used to the differences from petrol-powered cars.


From the dainty e-up! to the e-Golf and Passat Estate GTE, VW has already set in motion a masterplan for their electric range. But in 2022 we’re set to see the revival of an absolute classic. The I.D. Buzz minivan is based on the iconic Microbus, a camper which truly stands on the shoulders of giants.

We may have five years to wait for this one, but we can’t wait to load up all of our gear, strap our surfboards and canoes to the roof and hit the open road. With lots of practical design features, this fully electric vehicle will bring the Microbus back to the future with the most brilliant of bangs.


Now Porsche have already made a foray into the electric market with the Panamera and Cayenne E-Hybrid models. But in 2019 the Mission E goes into production, and it’s getting us more than a little hot under the collar while we’re sat in our rocking chair. For one thing, there’s a strong argument for this being the best looking fully electric car out there.

First debuted in 2015, this sleek, sporty four seater will boast a stunning 600bhp which comes from two high performance electric motors, one at the front and one at the back. With all wheel drive, the Mission E will be breathtakingly fast, zipping from 0-62mph in 3.5 seconds. You’ll be able to drive 300 miles on a single charge, and stare at it all day if you’re lucky enough to have one on your drive.

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