Christmas Present Ideas for the Ultimate Car Lover

We are well into the festive season, which means the last-minute rush to buy presents is just around the corner. After all the birthdays and anniversaries, it’s not uncommon for some of us to find ourselves at a loss over what to buy our loves ones for Christmas.

Well, now you can struggle no longer! If one of the special people in your life is an avid car lover, we have some fantastic gift ideas that will no doubt earn you a round of Santa-plause come Christmas Day.


Car Accessories

For every car lover, their vehicle is their pride and joy, and you could help to add an extra personal touch to it with some accessories. From car mats through to alloy wheels, there are so many different practical and stylish accessory options, so you’ll definitely find something that fits the bill.

To guarantee the best quality and durability, we always recommend you purchase genuine car accessories that are designed specifically by the manufacturer. At Inchcape, we have a range of car accessories which you can view and purchase on our online store.

Christmas Present Ideas for the Ultimate Car Lover

Personalised Number Plate

A personalised number plate is a fantastic way to put an individual stamp on a vehicle, so this could be a strong Christmas present idea. You can purchase a personalised plate online and register it through the DVLA, but you do need to check the availability of your chosen plate first. If your original choice isn’t available, you will be shown a selection of alternatives that may be suitable instead.


Driving Experience 

Speeding around a racetrack at top speed in an epic car is what dreams are made of for many a car lover, so an experience day will make for an unforgettable Christmas gift that your special someone will appreciate. There are many racetracks up and down the country that offer driving experience packages, including the world-famous Silverstone, so if you really want to make your present a memorable one, this could be a great option.

Christmas Present Ideas for the Ultimate Car Lover

Car Care Package

Putting together a car care package is a unique and thoughtful gift idea. You can purchase a few different bits and bobs for the car lover in your life and package them together in a hamper. There’s plenty of items you could include such as a polishing kit, de-icer (seeing as we’re into the colder months), shampoo or car wax, and even a little air freshener. All of these items are great for everyday use, so you can be sure there’ll be nothing left abandoned under the Christmas tree!


Brand Merchandise

All car fanatics will have a favourite manufacturer. Maybe they have a deep passion for Porsche, or are mad about Mercedes-Benz. Whichever brand they love the most, there is plenty of genuine merchandise out there, a lot of which you will find on the Inchcape online store. Cups, keyrings, hats, umbrellas, cufflinks, watches, clothing… the list is endless! There is so much variety that, if anything, you'll find yourself spoilt for choice. You may even be inspired to buy something you hadn’t thought of previously.

Christmas Present Ideas for the Ultimate Car Lover

Racing Games

Do you have a gamer on your hands? If your pal or partner is also a gaming enthusiast, why not acquire a racing game or two? Need For Speed, Forza and Gran Turismo are all very popular and solid choices, and will no doubt provide hours of racing fun. It will also give the receiver a chance to drive some of the world’s greatest vehicles that they may never get to try out in real life!


Model Car Kit

If they have a car they adore above all others, a model kit of that particular vehicle is a wonderful, quirky gift idea. Rather than your standard present, it brings a bit of longevity and creativity and into the mix, and it’s a special item that can be kept and treasured forever.

Christmas Present Ideas for the Ultimate Car Lover

Motoring Books

If your gift recipient is an avid reader, as well as an avid car fan, you could combine the two by buying them a motoring book. A Formula 1 Annual, an A to Z of classic cars or a biography of a famous racing driver could all be good possibilities.


Driving Gloves

Winter is well and truly in full swing, which means cold days – and therefore cold steering wheels! Driving gloves not only add a touch of style to every journey and make you feel like a classic race car driver, they also act as a useful barrier against the cold wheel. Purchase a pair of these, and you’ll be helping your buddy wave goodbye to freezing fingers.

Christmas Present Ideas for the Ultimate Car Lover 

Key Finder

As much as a person may love their car, it doesn’t mean they’re always on the ball when it comes to keeping track of their keys. This handy little stocking filler means you and the rest of your household can step back from the front line and end the seemingly never-ending key search. With the simple tap of a button, the device will begin to beep, allowing the searcher to track down the keys and hit the road in record time.


We’ve given you a great selection of gifts to choose from here, so hopefully you are now brimming with festive inspiration.
Merry Christmas from all of us here at Inchcape!