Benefits of Buying A Pre-Reg/Nearly New Car

When it comes to cars, we often think ‘New’ or ‘Used’. However, in between the two sits ‘Nearly New’ - otherwise known as pre-reg cars.

What is a pre-reg car?

Pre-reg cars are new vehicles that have been purchased by a dealership, and registered in their name. So, theoretically, they’re classed as used, but they have never actually been owned or driven by an individual person.

There can be some major advantages when it comes to buying a nearly new car as opposed to a brand new one, and here at Inchcape, we have a huge range to choose from across all of our brands.

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Main benefits of choosing a pre-reg car

The Price Tag

For many of us, buying a new car is the second biggest financial decision we will make, and therefore we want to know we’re getting a good deal. A brand new car is a very attractive prospect, but often the price can be a stumbling block. By far, the most compelling reason to buy a pre-reg car is the price tag. You’re basically getting a brand new car, and enjoying all the perks of one, but at a significantly reduced price.

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No Wear & Tear

With pre-reg cars, the mileage can often be as low as single figures, whereas with a used car, there’s a previous owner involved who could have put thousands of miles on the clock. There are also minor damages that can come with used vehicles, such as scrapes, scratches or chips in the paintwork. The benefit of buying a pre-reg is that it has probably only been driven a few delivery miles, so in terms of its condition, it’s unlikely to have any wear and tear. It’ll be just like new!

If you do ever want to check the health of your vehicle, you can always book a free Vehicle Health Check at any of our Inchcape dealerships.

benefits of a pre-reg car

Manufacturer Warranty

Pre-reg cars are fairly hot off the production line, and that means they’ll likely still be under their manufacturer warranty when you buy them. There will probably be a fair chunk of time left on the warranty too, and this is something you’re unlikely to benefit from if you buy an older, used car. With a pre-reg car, you can have the same peace of mind you get when buying a brand new car, but you’ll simply be paying much less for it.


Optional Extras Benefits

While you won't be able to specify a pre-reg car to your own tastes like you can with a new car, you’ve still got a very high chance of finding a vehicle that suitably meets your needs. One of the best parts is, pre-reg cars are usually built to a high specification, with many of the most desirable or useful optional extras already fitted to the vehicle. After all, the dealers know what customers really want! So, not only are you paying a discounted rate for your vehicle, you may also get a bunch of optional extras essentially fitted for free.


Immediate Delivery

One great thing about buying a pre-reg car is there’s no delay – the car is there, ready and waiting for you! Buying a new car is always exciting, and you just want to get behind the wheel as soon as possible. If you order a new car, there can often be a longer lead time; especially if you have requested a set specification. However, as the pre-reg is already good to go, you can finalise the paperwork, and be on your way in no time.

benefits of a pre-reg car 

Finance Options Are Still Available

Regardless of whether you’re buying a brand new car, a used car, or a pre-reg, it may still be a significant expenditure for you. At Inchcape, we offer great finance packages regardless of the type of car you want to buy. We just want to make purchasing a new car simple, hassle-free and budget-friendly!

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