BMW Vision Neue Klasse.

Dawn of a new era

A new generation of BMW models

The future of electric

Discover the new generation of BMW models available from 2025 - the headline of the future of BMW, redesigning the all-electric world as we know it with a cleaner, more elegant and timeless appearance, heralding the way for all future BMW vehicles.

The Neue Klasse paves the way for the future of electric vehicles in leaps and bounds, whilst nodding back to its sporty saloon heritage, incorporating the iconic kidney grille and Hofmeister kink in the side windows, however the twin headlight design elements upgrade the BMW styling that we currently know, alongside the shark-nose front, to produce something that is familiar, yet exciting.

Perhaps its most awe-inspiring feature is the fully panoramic glass sunroof, which floods the interior with natural light and enhances the minimalist, positive aura of the design. 



A nod to it's 1960's heritage

The original 1960s Neue Klasse 1500 was one of the major turning points in the history of BMW, representing a key change in almost all areas in regards of design, quality and sportiness. Many of the beloved BMW features of today have their origins in the model series of the 1960s. Today's New Neue Klass will do the same, paving the way for the future of all Electric Vehicles in both design and features.

The New Cluster Architecture (NCAR) will be launched by the first run model in Hungary in 2025, with a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) and Saloon as the first Neue Klasse production vehicles. 

Environmentally conscious

Today's Neue Klasse is also more environmentally conscious than previous BMW cars, giving up to 25% improved efficiency and a more thoughtful use of resources, from raw material procurement to recycling.

The interior also features warm cord fabrics, shying away from the traditional decorative chrome and leather to focus on essential, intuitive and comfortable designs. Modern driving features have not been missed out, however, with an all-new multifunction steering wheel, central OLED technology display and the new BMW 3D Head-Up Display all feature within the Neue Klasse. What's more, the new BMW Panoramic Vision projects information across the full lower area of the windscreen and can be viewed by all passengers.  

BMW aim that around 50% of all their cars will be electric by 2030, with the vehicle architecture and technologies of the Neue Klasse forming the basis of this.

The future will be electric, digital and circular.