BMW iDrive Explained

Innovative technology revolutionises the way a driver connects with a vehicle, and works to enhance the overall driving experience.

BMW’s iDrive is an in-car management system that does just that – not just by delivering an easy to use system, but also by using pioneering technology to keep everyone safer on the open road.

iDrive helps drivers use climate control, communication, navigation and entertainment systems safely whilst driving by utilising an intuitive display system designed to cause as little disruption to concentration as possible. The central console display is navigated using modern biometric principles, and is easily operated without the need for the driver to take their eyes off the road.

Easy to reach buttons and a main console control knob give the driver easy access to the most important gadgets or equipment in the car – such as audio entertainment, GPS, or mobile phone by utilising a simple north, south, east and west navigational structure for the menu that runs off the main control. The additional programmable buttons can be personalised to become short cuts to phone numbers, specific radio stations, and specific destinations. The iDrive is also available with voice command in many models – for added safety whilst driving.

There are numerous navigational cues such as ‘force feedback’ to indicate where you are in the navigational system, and kinetic feedback as it scrolls through options.

As the menu system is based on the same folder hierarchy drivers may be used to on personal computers, the result is an easy to learn system that becomes second nature in no time.