The interior worlds of the BMW i3

If you are looking for the class leading electric car then look no further than the BMW i3.

With excellent performance, great handling and a very competitive price tag there is plenty to attract you to the little electric BMW.

What we are going to show you here are the four interior worlds that are available inside the i3. The interior options change the cabin into four different worlds; standard, lodge, loft and suite.

Lets take a look at how they change the interior…


The standard world comes at no extra cost to the i3, which makes it very attractive. There is a lot to like about the black and blue combination that is present in the front seats, it is very simple and suits the overall feel of the car.


This world adds some nice wood to the dashboard and combines grey with a brown leather for the seats. It gives the interior a light and open feel and looks quite classic.


If a slightly more modern look is what you are after then the Loft interior world should be your choice. The seats have additional hexagons to add a more futuristic look.


As the name suggests, this is a luxurious option that combines high-quality brown leather with modern interior technology. This interior is designed to give an executive feel to every