Auto Trader Highly Rated Award

We’re Winners! - Auto Trader’s Highly Rated Retailers 2020

And not just once, 52 Inchcape dealerships have been recognised as “Highly Rated” by Auto Trader.

We are very proud to announce that 52 of our dealerships have been awarded “Highly Rated” status by Auto Trader. This award is for dealers who consistently excel, receiving the best customer reviews for transparency and trust.

These awards are based on the reviews and feedback from our valued customers. Auto Trader collates these reviews and awards highly rated status to retailers who:

• Have an average customer rating of at least four stars in Auto Trader’s marketplace

• Have a certain number of high-quality reviews

• Regularly engage with customer reviews


Check out our recognised dealers below!

Recognised Audi Dealerships

  • Macclesfield Audi
  • Stockport Audi
  • Swindon Audi
  • Cheshire Oaks Audi

Recognised BMW Dealerships

  • Cooper Norwich BMW
  • Cooper Ipswich BMW
  • Cooper Colchester BMW
  • Cooper Malton BMW
  • Cooper Reading BMW
  • Cooper Teesside BMW
  • Cooper Tunbridge Wells BMW
  • Cooper Sunderland BMW
  • Cooper Chelmsford BMW
  • Cooper Sunderland BMW
  • Cooper Chelmsford BMW

Recognised Jaguar Dealerships

  • Inchcape Jaguar Guildford
  • Inchcape Jaguar Preston
  • Inchcape Jaguar Norwich
  • Inchcape Jaguar Southampton

Recognised Land Rover Dealerships

  • Inchcape Land Rover Guildford
  • Inchcape Land Rover Southampton
  • Inchcape Land Rover Derby
  • Inchcape Land Rover Norwich
  • Inchcape Land Rover York

Recognised Lexus Dealerships

  • Lexus Derby
  • Lexus Nottingham

Recognised Mercedes-Benz Dealerships

  • Mercedes-Benz of Leicester
  • Mercedes-Benz of North Wales
  • Mercedes-Benz of Loughborough
  • Mercedes-Benz of Derby
  • Mercedes-Benz of Oxford
  • Mercedes-Benz of Nottingham
  • Mercedes-Benz of Cheshire Oaks
  • Mercedes-Benz of Southport
  • Mercedes-Benz of Stratford Upon Avon

Recognised MINI Dealerships

  • Cooper Cobham MINI
  • Cooper Chelmsford MINI
  • Cooper York MINI
  • Cooper Norwich MINI
  • Cooper Teesside MINI
  • Cooper Colchester MINI

Recognised Toyota Dealerships

  • Inchcape Toyota Derby
  • Inchcape Toyota Guildford
  • Inchcape Toyota Nottingham
  • Inchcape Toyota Oxford

Recognised Volkswagen Dealerships

  • Inchcape Volkswagen Exeter
  • Inchcape Volkswagen Cheltenham
  • Inchcape Volkswagen Bury
  • Inchcape Volkswagen Swindon
  • Inchcape Volkswagen Altrincham
  • Inchcape Volkswagen Shrewsbury