Why the Audi Virtual Cockpit is the coolest interior on the market

No matter how hi-tech and clear the centre console is in a car, it is still annoying that you have to glance away to see what is going on.

Whether you are trying to look at the satellite navigation or browse through the radio stations, we at Inchcape reckon taking your eyes off the road for a split second to check always feels a bit risky.

Well, there is no need for that risky glance any more as Audi have developed a virtual cockpit that puts all the information you need directly in front of the driver.

The 12.3-inch TFT display shows all the information you require very clearly thanks to its razor-sharp screen and high contrast quality.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? And that’s because it is… not only is does it make everything much clearer for the driver, it also means full attention can be focused on the road, reducing the chance of an accident.

Audi’s virtual cockpit combines everything that can usually be seen on a hi-tech centre console, with the conventional speedometer and dials all in the display.

The driver has a choice of two views – the classic view or the ‘infotainment mode’. Both incorporate superb graphics with 3D impression and detailed effects.

If you want the speedometer and rev counter to be more dominant, the classic view is what you should choose. You can still have satellite navigation and all the other features in this mode, they are just compressed in size.

In infotainment mode, the other functions such as the media player, satellite navigation and the phone are more prominent. The other dials are still clear and readable, just a lot smaller.

In both modes, the time, outside temperature, mileage as well as warning and information symbols have a fixed position along the bottom edge of the cockpit.

In terms of the user control, joy of use is vital at Audi. The ability to enter commands via the multi-function steering wheel – for example, the ‘view’ button – allows the driver to switch display modes.

Otherwise, the driver can access the functions of the virtual cockpit via the redesigned multi-media interface (MMI) system. The MMI components are more compact, efficient and a lot less complicated and includes voice control.

The user-friendly MMI system also recognises touch, which means the driver can scroll down and zoom in on maps with the swipe of their fingers.

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