Brand New 70 Plate

September is upon us again which means a brand new number plate for all new cars registered. This year is a bit more special however; as we are now in 2020 we will see a slightly different way of showing cars registered half way through the year.

This is due to the way the current number plates work, which is detailed below:

70 Plate

From 2010-2019 we used the number 6 to signify when a car was registered halfway through the year, e.g. 67 would be a car registered after September in 2017. However, now we are in the 20’s, a new number is required! Hence we now have the 70 plate, which will certainly look more unusual.

Order your new car with Inchcape in time for the 70 plate and you can guarantee yourself the first opportunity to pick:

  • Your new car colour
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  • Your pick of new ’70’ reg plate